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10 Reasons Why Jackson Maine Would Stan Joanne

Jackson Maine has the eyes and ears (somewhat) for talent. Here are 10 reasons why he would stan Joanne (the album).

#1 First of all, Jackson Maine stans talent

He discovered the most talented, acclaimed, successful and beautiful artist in the world: Ally. Of course he would stan Joanne too because Joanne = talent

#2 Let’s not pretend that this wouldn’t have been Jackson at the Grammys when Gaga was SNUBBED

#3 They both share an obsession over this HAT

#4 He basically started singing Hey Girl.mp3 in the movie

A stan? I think so. Maybe a remix is in the works right now.

#5 Lets not pretend John Wayne isn’t Jackson Maine’s alter ego

#6 Jackson can relate to most of the lyrics from Joanne

"Girl where do you think you're going?" -Jack to Ally after her career takes off

#7 “I confess I am lost in the age of the social” Jackson felt that- deep

#8 AYO would be his favorite song- “we smokin’ them all” : we all know Jack liked to indulge in a little puff puff

#9 Jack is from Memphis – isnt that a country place? Joanne is a country album? Hello of course he stans it

#10 Jack didnt like basic pop songs (cc: his drag on Why Did You Do That?) and Joanne has 0 of those

#11 Finally, here is an exclusive message from Jackson Maine

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