ARTPOP: Celebrating 4 years

The album that deserved better, ARTPOP, was released 4 years ago today! On November 11th 2013, Lady Gaga left her entire fanbase shook with an album filled with bops. While the era had its ups and downs, check out some of the most memorable moments below!

#1 Her most iconic look: VENUS

Beautiful, talented, never been done before, genius, incredible.

Long live ARTPOP! It truly deserved better.

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#2 The beginning of an era

It all began with an announcement posted on Lady Gaga's official website. Can you remember the moment you saw it?

LITERALLY everyone had the same profile picture after this moment.

Not only did Lady Gaga announce the single release, she also blessed us with the album release day along with the famous ARTPOP app.

Needless to say, the entire fanbase was shook that night.

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#3 artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball

The ultimate RAVE party. If you got to attend, you definitely had the time of your life at this party.

She served an amazing setlist, outfits and stage design!

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#4 VMA comeback

Lady Gaga made a VMA comeback after her wig-snatching performance of "Paparazzi" in 2009.

She performed Applause and SERVED many looks during the performance!

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#5 I live for the Applause

We were then graced with the music video for Applause directed by Inez and Vinoodh.

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#6 She served LOOKS

The ARTPOP era served us some of her most iconic looks ever. We were not worthy!

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The controversial "Swine" performance at the iTunes Festival left everyone SHOOK. Literally.

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#8 The infamous Twitter rants

Ahead of the release of "Do What U Want", Lady Gaga took to Twitter to confront criticism she was often faced with throughout her career.

Most fans were like "YAS GAGA" but it was truly a messy time.

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#9 G.U.Y music video

While fans thought we would never see another music video during the ARTPOP era, Lady Gaga released the godly G.U.Y video.

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#10 The speculation

Speculation and extreme HYPE began when Lady Gaga removed her Twitter header and display picture and added a cryptic message to her bio.

Fans began speculating that a new era was upon us and Twitter insiders pretended to know what was going on.

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