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Updated: 10:15PM 10/15/2018

Current Tracking Week – October
Day Estimated Gross
Mon 15th $2.95M
Tue 16th
Wed 17th
Thur 18th
Fri 19th
Sat 20th
Sun 21st



Opening Weekend
Day Predicted Gross Actual Gross
Wednesday (preview) $1 m $1.4 m
Thursday (preview) $2 m $3.2 m
Total Previews $3 m $4.6 m
Friday (official premiere) $10 m $16 m
Saturday $20 m $14.97m
Sunday $14 m $10.48m
Opening Weekend $44 m $42,908,051 m 

Week 1

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Day Estimated Gross
Mon 8th $6.77M
Tue 9th $6.06M
Wed 10th $4.591M
Thur 11th $4.5M
Fri 12th $8.50M
Sat 13th $11.7M
Sun 14th $7.6M
How do these numbers compare?

Many box office people are describing the movie as an unexpected hit.

Mama Mia: Here We Go Again opened to $34.9m while Les Miserables opened to $27.2m and Michael Jackson’s This Is It opened to $23.2m. These were all October musicals. Deadline notes that it is difficult to compare A Star is Born to these films because A Star is Born falls into its own category and has become its own competition.

In terms of acclaimed movies, 2016’s hit musical La La Land opened to a $9.2 m opening weekend and last year’s big musical The Greatest Showman opened to $8.8m. These two films both went on to gross over 400m at the box office and securing several Oscar wins.

How is A Star is Born comparing?

Well, it’s performing higher than expected. Forbes attempts to compare it to past October blockbuster films such as Gravity and Gone Girl and A Star is Born is falling right in line with these releases. Forbes is crediting this to the positive word of mouth A Star is Born is gaining.

Venom which is performing as expected is also expected to experience a sharp fall on the Box Office charts next weekend leaving A Star is Born to face off with Ryan Gosling’s First Man.


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