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Get your life to these gifs from Enigma

There are so many iconic and campy moments from Lady Gaga’s residency Enigma, that we decided to compile a list of some of best gifs.

See everything from her dancers flipping her off to Gaga just straight up being extra (what else is new?).

#1 This literally looks straight out of the Monster Ball DVD

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#2 Here she is just being dramatic af at the piano

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#3 Here we have Lady Gaga showing us she can be a gymnast (another talent to add to her long list)

#4 Here she is being a badass while her dancers flip her off

#5 Must be getting hot in there

#6 Don’t you know her ass is famous?

#7 Here she descending from the theater showing everyone how an entrance is done

#8 Queen of asking for the Applause when everyone is giving it to her already

#9 Werk, werk, werk!

#10 Miss Gaga stuck in the simulation and trying to get out

#11 Take a shot every time Gaga says f*ck at Enigma… No really, please don’t.

#12 Me in the shower after I complete my sold out show

#13 This adorable celebration dance after she finishes the show

#14 Gaga showing us… I don’t even know what she’s doing actually

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