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Lady Gaga introduces Enigma – See all the gifs!

You’ve probably seen the 40-second clip a million times by now, but do you have the gifs?

Lady Gaga posted an official teaser for her Vegas residency titled Enigma a few hours before her opening show night and left fans in a FRENZY. The teaser seems to indicate that the show will be video game themed and Lady Gaga also presented her new alter ego: Enigma.

See the gifs from the teaser below!

#1 The teaser starts with what seems to be an Aura glowing..? ARTPOP APP… HA RETURN?

#2 Then suddenly… GAGA APPEARS? Gaga could have just asked for my wig, I would have given it to her!

#3 Suddenly an orb circles Gaga.. and intense music starts playing. EXCUSE ME? SHOULD I BE WORRIED?

#4 This whole time we thought Gaga was playing Bayonetta but girl was training for battle against miss PetGa 2.0

#5 The two go HEAD-TO-HEAD… I’m torn, which side should I be on!?!?

#6 She’s got moves! I’m going to call this one ZOOM just because I can hear it in the gif. Can we agree on this?

#7 Suddenly we get a look at what seems to be a new and improved PetGa?! IS THAT YOU?

I'm so happy she's doing alright. All these years she's been stuck in an app. She's about to tell us the colour of our aura in 2018!

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