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Lady Gaga reveals she had to take 30 minutes to herself after watching A Star is Born in Venice

The movie hit very close to home for the popstar

The cast of A Star is Born sat down for an interview while promoting their film in Toronto a last month.

On the natural connection between Gaga and Bradley:

L. Gaga: “Instantly, when I saw his eyes, when I opened the door. And when I heard him sing! My God! I stopped playing the piano and I was like, ‘Bradley you can sing!’ and he was like, ‘Really?’ And then he said, ‘Let’s film it.’ He started filming it on his phone.”

B. Cooper: “It was nuts.”

L. Gaga: “I remember he said he liked my boots, I turned bright red.”

On Gaga’s connection with the movie:

L. Gaga: “When I’m watching it back, I see myself as a much younger girl, more like when I was 15 writing songs at the piano. What Jackson is trying to teach her is something that I still want to give more of in my music now and in the future. It’s the nakedness of talent.”

On Gaga’s fulfilling role in the movie:

L. Gaga: “Jackson’s plight in the film and his substance abuse, it really stays with me. The mental health aspect, the substance abuse aspect, the trauma aspect. I told Bradley right after we watched it in Venice that I had to take 30 minutes to myself in a back room somewhere. If I act again, the experience has to be as deep as this one or it wouldn’t be fulfilling to me.”

How Bradley’s character has changed him:

B. Cooper: “I find myself thinking of lines Jackson says often, just in terms of taking on a new project: What am I trying to say and how am I going to say it? Any other project that comes after this, I just have to be brutally honest with myself and listen to Jackson.”


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