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Share your favourite moment(s) as a Lady Gaga fan

We are soon approaching a massive milestone in Lady Gaga's career: 10 years of Lady Gaga! Just Dance was released on April 8th 2008, making it 10 years since the start of Lady Gaga's career.

Whether you have been here from the start or you just joined, we want YOU to share your favourite moment(s) as a fan! You can post a story (text), images, a video, audio or embed a tweet or other social media post!


Pick your favourite moment from each era

As we approach 10 years of Lady Gaga, we have compiled some of Lady Gaga's biggest moments from each era into polls. Pick your favourite from each, good luck 😏

Create the ultimate Fame era

As soon approach 10 years of Lady Gaga, we want you to create your ultimate Fame era! If you had the chance to create the manage the era yourself, what choices would you make? Vote below and see what other's chose!

March Madness: Lady Gaga Edition (Final round)

Welcome to the FINAL ROUND of March Madness: Lady Gaga Edition! You can view the results from Round 4 here, and the winners have moved onto the next bracket and it’s now time to vote again! Results from Round 4 were taken after 24 hours. View the results in the picture and vote in round 5 below!

Update: Here are the final results.

Celebs wish Lady Gaga a Happy Birthday!

Today is the Queen's 32nd birthday! See all the celebs that have wished her a Happy Birthday!

For her birthday, Lady Gaga is asking everyone to contribute to a kinder and braver world by donating to Born This Way Foundation. You can donate here.

Happy Birthday Gaga, we love you! ❤