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1Voted on \\\"When she teased Born This Way at the VMAs in a meat dress… A CLASSIC\\\"
1Voted on \\\"When Gaga posted the Born This Way album covers and fans thought she was joking\\\"
1Voted on \\\"Gaga and Tara’s “feuds” on Twitter were ICONIC and kept us entertained for hours\\\"
1Voted on \\\"When Gaga had her own (very dramatic) computer game: The PokerIsland Quest\\\"
1Voted on \\\"When Gaga took a picture of the Judas cover on her Blackberry for “texture”. If you look closely, you can see her reflection in the cover\\\"
1Voted on \\\"Watching all your friends getting invites to LittleMonsters.com\\\"
1Voted on \\\"When you had to focus all your energy to convince everyone Lady Gaga wasn’t a man in 2009\\\"
1Voted on \\\"Having to play FarmVille so you could listen to new Gaga music\\\"
1Voted on \\\"The extravagance of Gaga’s Workshop in NYC and being too poor to afford anything\\\"
1Voted on \\\"That time she said she liked Nutella (with banana and wonderbread) and fans started bringing jars of Nutella at her shows\\\"

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