Monsters take the stage for Gaga


We know this is an odd post, but given the fact that Gaga is sick and called off a show as a result, we thought that you would like some cheering up.

Little Monsters were devastated that Gaga postponed the Joanne World Tour Show at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

So they decided to take matters into their own hands.

They sang segments of the show while Gaga watched from her ceiling.


✨ jenna ✨ on Twitter

@darkpopforgaga @ladygaga Monsters outside gagas hotel singing after the pizza

✨ jenna ✨ on Twitter

@darkpopforgaga @ladygaga She came back out to say hi

✨ jenna ✨ on Twitter

@darkpopforgaga @ladygaga She just left!

✨ jenna ✨ on Twitter

@darkpopforgaga @ladygaga I’m on her snapchat omfg

The fans sang songs ranging from Diamond Heart to Grigio Girls.

Well Gaga, we love you so much and we hope that you get better. The next time those lovely young, wild Canadians see you again, it will be FIERCE!


SO KEEP your PAWS UP Little Monsters

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