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Rank Lady Gaga’s Academy Award Show Performances

In honor of her upcoming performance at the Grammys, let’s take a look back at what Gaga has served up in the past. Whether it be the Grammys or the Oscars, each of these performances are spectacular and elevated Gaga to a new level. But which one stands out among the rest? Vote for your favorite(s).

#1 87th Academy Awards – The Sound of Music Tribute

Gaga's emotional tribute garnered her much acclaim--even from Julie Andrews herself.

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#2 53rd Annual Grammy Awards – Born This Way

Gaga arrived on the red carpet in an egg that she came out of at the beginning of this performance.

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#3 52nd Annual Grammy Awards – Poker Face, Speechless, Your Song

This performance was staged around The Fame Factory and featured Elton John. 

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#4 88th Academy Awards – Til It Happens to You

This tear-jerking performance featured real life survivors of sexual assault. Gaga infamously lost the award for this song to Sam Smith directly after this performance as well.

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#5 57th Annual Grammy Awards – Cheek to Cheek

This performance featured well-known Gaga collaborator, Tony Bennett.

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#6 59th Annual Grammy Awards – Moth into Flame

This performance was infamous for being plagued with sound issues despite the dress rehearsal going much smoother.

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#7 58th Annual Grammy Awards – David Bowie Tribute

This performance was a joint effort with Intel that featured holography, robotics, 3D motion graphics, and live video processing.

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