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Can you score 100% on this ARTPOP quiz?

ARTPOP deserved better – the iconic saying by Little Monsters. Mother Monster created a masterpiece. If you’re truly an ARTPOP warrior, you’ll get 100% on this quiz.

No cheating!

  • Who premiered snippets from ARTPOP?

    • Gaga Daily
    • Hadnet
    • Radio ARTPOP
    • Angela Chang
  • What leaked prior to the era starting that sent the fanbase into frenzy?

    • Aura/Burqa
    • ARTPOP app concept
    • Single cover
  • Where did Lady Gaga perform different versions of songs from ARTPOP?

    • Swinefest
    • SXSW
    • The original artRAVE
    • Muppets Holiday Spectacular
  • According to Lady Gaga, what was the acceptable attire for Swinefest?

    • Starfishes, bedazzled pig noses, trash bags
    • Koons ball, painted face, sunglasses
    • Snapback, dreadlocks, flannel shirt
  • Why did Lady Gaga love the word ARTPOP so much?

    • because it speaks to her
    • because it embodies her creativity
    • she was fascinated by it
  • When Lady Gaga first heard the word ARTPOP, did she know what it meant?

    • Duh
    • No
  • Where did Lady Gaga have a mechanical swine?

    • Swinefest
    • artRAVE
    • SXSW
  • What ARTPOP is really about

    • Painting a blank canvas
    • Putting all the power back into the hands of the artist
  • What hashtag did we use to unveil the ARTPOP cover?

    • #ARTPOP
    • #iHeartARTPOP
    • #ARTPOPCover
    • #ARTPOPunveil
  • Who did Lady Gaga partner with to unveil the ARTPOP cover?

    • Jeff Koons
    • Clear Channel
    • ABC
    • Billboard
    • Summit Media
  • What was Lady Gaga’s reason for delaying the tracklist reveal?

    • Squirrels snuck into the ARTPOP tree
    • She had more ideas, and it wasn’t finalized
    • Interscope made her do some changes
    • She wanted to torture her fans
  • When did Lady Gaga start dropping hints about ARTPOP?

    • 2011
    • 2012
    • 2013
  • Who originally revealed the title of the lead single?

    • Lady Gaga
    • Interscope
    • Tara Savelo
    • Frederic
  • Lady Gaga attended Inez and Vinnodh’s Gagosian Gallery before announcing ARTPOP, what did she gift everyone?

    • A copy of ARTPOP
    • A bouquet of roses
    • A skull shaped cake
  • Lady Gaga once tweeted her favourite song from ARTPOP, what was it?

    • Applause
    • MANiCURE
    • G.U.Y
    • Jewels & Drugs
    • Donatella
  • Lady Gaga asked fans to pick her next single, what were the options?

    • MANiCURE, Sexxx Dreams, Aura or Gypsy
    • Swine, Do What U Want, Venus or G.U.Y
    • ARTPOP, Mary Jane Holland, Dope or Donatella
  • How many shows did Lady Gaga’s Roseland residency originally have?

    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
  • How did fans arrive at the album release party?

    • By bus
    • They each had to get their own transportation
    • By ferry
    • By limos
  • What is this?

    • A screenshot part of Monstervision
    • A meme Lady Gaga posted on
    • A screenshot of a video Lady Gaga tweet saying it was an Appluse snippet
    • A screenshot of a video Lady Gaga posted on as a joke
  • Where was the Applause lyric video filmed?

    • Micky’s
    • The Abbey Food & Bar
    • Gold Coast Bar
    • Eagle LA
  • When did Lady Gaga debut her “Applause” look (aside from the single cover)?

    • Leaving Chateau Marmont
    • Arriving at Chateau Marmont
    • Leaving the Chateau Marmont
  • The creators of Volantis also created outfits for Lady Gaga, which one did she never wear?

    • Cipher
    • Anemone
    • The Parametric
  • Who did Lady Gaga partner with for the ARTPOP app?

    • Relative Wave
    • Backplane
    • ArcTouch
    • Experion Technologies

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