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Can you find the hidden messages in Gaga’s Instagram posts?

Oh yes, we all know it. We’ve all seen it. Gaga’s posts have been more and more cryptic but Miss Gaga isn’t fooling anyone. We’ve seen it already. We already know. There are some hidden messages in each and every one of her posts and we’re determined to find them all.

Take the quiz below to see if you’re the only true insider out there.

  • Let’s start with this one. What is the secret message?

    • The extended nose represents the media saying she got a nosejob. This is similar to Do What U Want which was on ARTPOP meaning LG6 = ARTPOP ACT 2
    • Her elongated teeth makes her look like a witch. LG6 is titled the Witching Hour. Ugh her mind
    • Uhm, nothing is cryptic here honey.
  • Clearly there’s something here. What is it?

    • That thing is a fox. Remember that EDM song “What does the Fox Say?” QUEEN is coming with an EDM bop for LG6!
    • The gloves give off strong Countess vibes. Gaga is going to premiere the lead single for LG6 in the new season of AHS. Yasss!
    • You’re drinking dumb f*ck juice, there is no cryptic message here
  • Well if there isn’t anything here, I’m going to quit the internet. What is it?

    • The Fame Monster 2.0 is upon us LAYDEEZZZZZ
    • Big boobs = watermelons = fruit theme for LG6
    • Uhm? What?

    • So there are five squares on her shoes. 5 is referring to LG5. LG5 was Joanne. The album that came before Joanne was ARTPOP. This means LG6 will be ARTPOP’s little sister.
    • The stickers represent the amount of times she’s going to stamp on my face when LG6 is released.
    • Don’t do drugs kids

    • Her next era will be erotica themed
    • She’s giving off strong TFM vibes which means the next era will be dark pop! DARK GA IS BACK!
    • She looks good? That’s all?
  • The clues are right in front of us, we just need to look closely:

    • Clearly that Octopus is from the ARTPOP era. She’s paying homage to all her other eras before announcing LG6 this Friday.
    • Again, more proof LG6 is sea themed.
    • She’s just posting pics on Instagram. Get over it?
  • Finally this one:

    • This has a very BTW vibe. Again, she’s paying homage to all her previous eras before announcing LG6 THIS FRIDAY
    • LG6 is dark pop confirmedT

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