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Can you remember all the times Lady Gaga struggled with social media?

Lady Gaga has funded an entire tech company, but struggles to use social media on a daily basis. Whether it’s through typos, not understanding stan language or just straight up not understanding how an app works.

Do you remember all the times she struggled?

  • When Lady Gaga joined Instagram, she didn’t have a profile picture. Why?

    • We never knew why
    • She said Instagram was too difficult to use
    • She’s an enigma, she didn’t need a profile picture
    • She said she was still figuring out how to use the app
  • Lady Gaga’s Instagram account was hacked in 2013. Her bio was changed to what?

    • 1 million little monsters
    • 1 million little hamsters
    • Pause up little hamsters
    • Rodent this way out now!
  • Why was Instagram once concerned for Lady Gaga’s well being?

    • Nothing new, she just posted a nude photo
    • She posted Dope song lyrics
    • She posted that she was cancelling her tour, and they were concerned
  • Lady Gaga struggles with typos on Twitter all the time. She once said she went to Twitter School.

    • True
    • False
  • How did Lady Gaga claim her Tumblr name (A moment of silence for her Tumblr please)

    • She had her team create an account for her
    • She stole it from a fan
    • Troy forced her to create a Tumblr account so she could be more hip
  • A fan once asked Lady Gaga to follow them on Twitter. What did Gaga reply?

    • of course little monster xoxo
    • excuse me no
    • paws up!!
  • This one time, Lady Gaga made a typo on Twitter. What did she blame it on?

    • autocorrect
    • tweetcorrect
    • her long nails
  • “WIG FLEW” What does Lady Gaga respond?

    • Where?
    • What happened?
    • Why?
    • Are you okay?
  • Lady Gaga once had a whole debacle on Twitter about what?

    • gifs/vines
    • pineapples/bananas
    • her next single
    • vines/videos
  • Lady Gaga was once confused by what on Twitter?

    • She thought stans used the literal meaning of slay and was appalled by the language
    • She thought retweeting and liking were the same thing
    • everything
  • How many social media accounts has Lady Gaga abandoned?

    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5

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