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Can you score 100% on this quiz about Born This Way?

Today is a holy day! 8 years ago, Lady Gaga released one of the greatest albums of all time: BORN THIS WAY! Over the years, the album has become an iconic symbol within the fanbase selling over 10 million copies worldwide!

Do you know everything there is to know about the album campaign? The singles? The music videos? Test your knowledge!

  • Lady Gaga typed a song alphanumerically on a phone during a GagaVision. Which song was it?

    • Highway Unicorn
    • Marry The Night
    • Electric Chapel
    • Heavy Metal Lover
    • Born This Way
  • Which one of these companies did Lady Gaga NOT partner with for the Born This Way campaign?

    • Starbucks
    • Zynga
    • VEVO
    • Rdio
    • Gilt Group
    • Macy’s
  • Which one of these songs was NOT released via GagaVille (Farmville) game?

    • Marry The Night
    • The Queen
    • Fashion of His Love
    • Electric Chapel
  • Lady Gaga had an exclusive iTunes countdown prior to the release of the album. Which two tracks were released in advance?

    • TEOG and Hair
    • TEOG and Marry The Night
    • Hair and Judas
    • Hair and Fashion of His Love
  • Lady Gaga scattered QR codes across the web, what did it link to?

    • Born This Way album on iTunes
    • Born This Way ringtone
    • Judas single
    • Born This Way video on VEVO
  • Lady Gaga partnered with this company for a scavenger hunt:

    • Starbucks
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • HBO
    • Yahoo!
  • Guess the music video.

    • Judas
    • Marry The Night
    • Born This Way
    • The Edge of Glory
  • Where did Lady Gaga debut her performance of “Born This Way” (in full)?

    • Monster Ball Tour
    • Grammy Awards
    • SNL
    • Graham Norton Show
  • When did Lady Gaga announce the release date of Born This Way (song and album)?

    • New Years Eve
    • New Years Day
    • February 12
    • January 4
    • January 14
  • Lady Gaga announced the release of her album and single with this picture:

    • Yes
    • No
    • xx
    • xx
  • Which one of these songs was featured in the Google Chrome commercial?

    • Born This Way
    • The Edge of Glory
    • Marry The Night
    • The Queen
    • Hair

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