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How well do you know the “A Star is Born” trailer?

We know it’s been out for a few hours, but what kind of fan are you if you haven’t watched it a million times already?

Credit to @xoxoGypsyBabe on Twitter for the amazing screenshots!

Test your knowledge below!

  • What’s the opening scene of the trailer?

    • Ally performing
    • Jackson performing
    • Ally and Jackson meeting
    • Ally emerging from backstage
  • How does Lady Gaga first appear in the trailer?

    • By coming on stage
    • By meeting Jackson
    • You see her writing music
    • By looking at herself in the mirror
  • Jackson asks Ally if she sings her own songs, does she?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Lady Gaga is seen writing in a notebook. What’s written at the the top of the page?

    • The Shallows
    • Look at Me
    • Look What I’ve Found
    • Whatever She Wants
  • Before getting on stage with Jackson, what does he tell Ally she must do?

    • She must absolutely get on stage
    • She has to trust him
    • She has to show the world how talented she is
    • The crowd is waiting for her
  • Why doesn’t Ally sing her own songs?

    • She doesn’t think she’s good enough
    • She feels uncomfortable
    • She’s shy
  • Finish the lyrics from “The Shallow”: I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in…. __________

    • I’ll never see the ground
    • I’ll never meet the ground
    • I’ll never join the crowd
    • I’ll never meet the crowd
  • In the scene below, what does Jackson shout to Ally?

    • Hey
    • Wait up
    • Wait a second
  • What is the final scene of the trailer?

    • Yes
    • No
    • sd
    • dd

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