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How well do you remember Gagavision’s?

Remember the days Lady Gaga used to post weekly vlogs? How well do you remember them?

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  • When did Transmission Gagavision begin?

    • 2007
    • 2008
    • 2009
  • Gaga posted a Monstervision of her dancing with her mother. Which song were they dancing to?

    • Born This Way
    • Marry The Night
    • Scheiße
  • In 2011, Lady Gaga announced she would bring back the web series. Where did she announce this?

    • Google headquarters
    • MTV interview
    • Howard Stern
    • During an exclusive VEVO News interview
  • What was the continuation of Transmission Gagavision?

    • Pop Culture Parking Lot
    • Monstervision
    • DJWS Vision
    • Pop Culture Vision
  • What song was part of the intro of Gagavision?

    • Highway Unicorn
    • Marry The Night
    • Heavy Metal Lover
    • Government Hooker
    • Electric Chapel
  • In one of the Gagavision’s, Gaga is lying in the bathtub. What is she talking about?

    • How she lives between fantasy and reality all the time
    • Judas leaking
    • Honouring her vomit
    • She has a pony in her hand and says “Fight on little pony”
  • During a recorded Haus meeting in Gagavision, Gaga says she hates a specific word. Which word is it?

    • Bonus
    • Deluxe
    • Special edition
    • Exclusive edition
  • How did Lady Gaga make the Judas single cover?

    • She used Paint and photographer it herself for “texture”
    • She used Word and photographed it herself for “texture”
    • It wasn’t Gaga that made the single cover
  • What was in Lady Gaga’s shower as part of a “Tour prank”?

    • Her cell phone
    • Spaghetti
    • Pizza
  • Lady Gaga had a countdown to the Judas single release at the end of some Gagavision’s. What did she say at the end of the video?

    • Jesus is the new black
    • I’m just a holy fool
    • Let the cultural baptism begin
  • During an episode of Gagavision, you can see Lady Gaga dialling a phone number. It spells out a song title. Which one is it?

    • Born This Way
    • Heavy Metal Lover
    • Marry The Night
    • Electric Chapel
  • Finish the sentence: Lady Gaga has been sent to Earth to __________

    • infiltrate pop culture
    • initiate Transmission Gagavision
    • infiltrate human culture one sequin at a time
    • change the world one sequin at a time
  • What is Lady Gaga talking about during this scene? (WARNING: Don’t feel too nostalgic 😉)

    • How people think she has a disco stick
    • She can’t wait to show the world what else she’s going to create
    • Literally about discosticks
    • She’s talking about how she broke the discostick
  • Where did Lady Gaga get her first Platinum record?

    • Canada
    • Australia
    • United States

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