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Which Lady Gaga reaction picture are you?

There are SO many Lady Gaga reaction pictures that can describe our moods. Which one are you?

  • Pick a mood.

    • Yes
    • No
    • ss
    • ss
    • ss
    • ss
  • Pick a colour.

    • Yes
    • No
    • ff
    • ff
    • dd
    • dd
  • When someone shades Lady Gaga on Twitter, you

    • Ignore it
    • Defend your fave
    • Roll your eyes
    • Pull out all the receipts and drag that person
    • Do nothing because you know you won’t win the battle
    • Attack them with gifs
  • At a party, you

    • Dance like nobody’s watching
    • What’s a party? I don’t go to those.
    • Judge everyone there
    • Go for a few hours and then leave because you get annoyed
    • Don’t go at all because people annoy you in general
    • have the time of your life ALL THE TIME
  • What triggers you the most?

    • Lady GaGa
    • Twitter insiders
    • Epione
    • When people ask you “You’re still a fan of Lady Gaga?”
    • When people say they don’t like Lady Gaga because “she’s weird”
    • Nothing triggers me
  • Pick a photo

    • Yes
    • No
    • ss
    • sa
    • as
    • ds

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