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Which disco stick are you?

Lady Gaga’s disco stick has come a long way thanks for the birth of the iconic song LoveGame! So which one are you?

  • What’s your favourite Lady Gaga era?

    • ARTPOP
    • Joanne
    • Born This Way
    • The Fame
    • The Fame Monster
  • You would call your work

    • Amazing, brilliant, never been done before
    • Reductive
    • Controversial
    • Creative and iconic
    • Revolutionary
  • Finish the sentence: “Call me ____”

    • JOANNE
    • Goddess of love!
    • An Italian girl from New York
    • Lady Gaga and this is my Haus
  • Pick a mood

    • Yes
    • No
    • Ddd
    • Jj
    • Juj
  • Did you buy ARTPOP on iTunes?

    • I told people: “Buy 1, buy 10, but what you should do is buy 20”
    • I will be buying and fighting for ARTPOP until the day I die
    • ARTPOP is overrated
    • YES. I also asked for an iPad for Christmas like Lady Gaga said so
    • YES. And I listened to the album with HEADPHONES like the Queen instructed

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Little Monster

Written by GagaThisWayy

Lady Gaga once sassed me on Twitter and it was the best day of my life.

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