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Will you make it to the Monster Ball?

It’s time to make some important life decisions. You’re in NYC and you need to get to the Monster Ball, are you able to make it? What’s your fate?

  • Your car breaks down on your way to the Monster Ball, what do you do?

    • You rub that glitter and grease around hoping the car starts again
    • Hope Alejandro comes and saves you
    • You discover a piano under the hood. You start playing it hoping the engine will start.
  • You encounter boys boys boys along the way. What do you tell them?

    • In the morning buy me eggs
    • Ask them for help
    • Let’s go see The Killers and make out in the bleachers 😏
  • You enter the subway, where does it take you?

    • to the glitter way
    • No f*cking clue
    • New York City
  • Omg! Your piano catches fire while you’re playing a song. What do you do?

    • You hide under it hoping boys boys boys extinguish it
    • Frightened you just fall off the piano onto the ground
    • You keep the show going like the badass you are
  • An angel with a magical harp meets you on the glitter way, what do you do?

    • You confess that you’ve listened to Gaga leaks before
    • Start singing “Girl, where do you think you’re going?”
  • You walk towards the Glitter way and recall the time you were in jail, who bailed you out?

    • DJWS
    • Bobby Campbell
    • Tony Bennett
  • You see a thing, way up in the sky. What is it?

    • The spirit of Joanne
    • A rainbow
  • You meet some more friends along the way and they ask you: “What do you hate more than money?”

    • Love
    • La verité
    • Bullshit
  • There it is. The Eternal Fountain. You walk towards it and see that it’s bleeding blood.

    • You ask yourself if people were sacrificed during the Monster Ball?
    • You realize it’s the fountain similar to the one in Central Park and realize you are closer to the Monster Ball.
    • You lie in the fountain and let the blood pour over you
  • Oh Scheiße! You’ve encountered the Fame Monster. Pick your weapon of choice to defeat it.

    • Disco stick
    • Fire bra
    • A camera
  • The Monster Ball is just up ahead, you’re with your friends and..

    • they totally ditch you
    • What friends? I came to party alone
    • they abandon you, but you keep going because you want to have a good time!

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