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You need to listen to these revamped versions of Lady Gaga’s songs

My wig? My wig? ITS MISSING

Haus of Afrodita on Youtube has been slowly uploading and revamping many of Lady Gaga’s songs including Government Hooker, Venus, G.U.Y and more!

They all sound absolutely amazing so have a listen below and vote for your favourites!

They are THAT good! Make sure to subscribe to their channel so you don’t miss the next upload!

#1 Lady Gaga – I Wanna Be With Ü [2019 Revamped Version]

#2 Lady Gaga – Brooklyn Nights (2019 Revamped FINAL Version)

#3 Lady Gaga – Born This Way (2019 Revamped Version)

#4 Lady Gaga – Judas (2019 Revamped Version)

#5 Lady Gaga – G.U.Y. (Girl Under You) [2019 Revamped Version]

#6 Lady Gaga – MANiCURE (2019 Revamped Version)

#7 Lady Gaga – Alejandro (2019 Revamped Version)

#8 Lady Gaga – Jewels ‘N Drugs (2019 Revamped Version)

#9 Lady Gaga – Fashion (ft. Heidi Montag) [2019 Revamped Version]

#10 Lady Gaga – Fashion! (2019 Revamped Version)

#11 Lady Gaga – Black Jesus/Electric Chapel/Scheiße (2019 Revamped Versions)

#12 Lady Gaga – Swine [feat. Petga] (2019 Revamped Version)

#13 Lady Gaga – Donatella (2019 Revamped Version)

#14 Lady Gaga // Government Hooker // 2019 Revamped Version

#15 Lady Gaga – Venus (2019 Revamped Version)

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