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15 Reasons why we stan Ally Maine

Ally Maine may be a fictional character. Do we stan her? Yes, yes we do. She served bops, ballads, attitude and excellent one liners.

Here’s why we stan her.

#2 The SNL performance alone should be enough for you to stan her

"Why Did You Do That?" is a bop and no one can tell me other wise. Ally did not go through all this trauma in the movie to have you bash her music!

Yes, the ballads are better but no slander on the pop songs is allowed.

#3 She did us the honour of giving us our future wedding songs

What a generous queen. Can you believe all the charity she's done? We now have Lady Gaga music to play on the dance floor, but now we can play Ally Maine music while walking down the aisle and during our first dance!

#4 She spits out music faster than I can say Ferrari

Did you see how fast she wrote Look What I Found in that diner? And how she came up with Shallow in the parking lot just like THAT?


#5 She has a smokin’ bod

That Jack has to have another look at her TWICE during the movie. Can you blame him?

#6 She’s got an iconic nose

How many times is her nose mentioned in the movie? Bradley seems more obsessed with her nose than anything else.

#7 She’s very good at throwing garbage bags

Have you ever seen someone throw garbage bags so gracefully? Ally definitely doesn't feel like a plastic bag.

#8 She kicked her dancers out of her performance

She's an independent artist that doesn't like to be told what to do. She might have sold herself out at one point, but this scene was glorious in every way.

#10 She’s understanding and kind

She gave Jack so many chances, what a humble and understanding queen. We don't deserve her.

#12 She performed at Coachella, Glastonbury and StageCoach, when will all the other pop girls?

She's not even real and she got to perform at all these festivals? Not even Lady Gaga has performed at StageCoach yet. I said what I said.

#13 Have you seen her natural beauty? I wish I had an ounce of that.

Fiona on Twitter

Ally Maine truly snappedt in this photo shoot. We have decided to stan forever.

With or without makeup, Ally Maine is a gorgeous human. *Cries in ugly*


#14 She’s Italian

If you stan the east coast Italian American queen Lady Gaga, then you automatically have to stan Ally Maine. They're practically related right?

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