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A Star is Born receives a new wave of positive reviews after TIFF screenings

Yes, believe the hype around this movie!

Screenings for the press have starting at the Toronto Film Festival ahead of its big North American premiere on Sunday! Many critics have attended the first showing of the film on September 7th and reviews are already starting to come in.

Check them out below and make sure to come back as we update the post! Click here to view the reviews from the Venice Film Festival premiere.

Rotten Tomato score Metacritic score IMDb score
93% 89 9.4
There isn’t an element of the film that isn’t working at the highest level; from Matthew Libatique’s cinematography, which uses closeups as well as embracing the fullest of the wide angles to Jay Cassidy’s editing (I can’t believe this film didn’t take more than one) to the pitch perfect sound design from Alan Robert Murray and Steve Morrow. It’s all flawless in service of the story.Awards Watch 4/4⭐️
But Gaga is also a real actress, turning in a fluid and intuitive performance that seamlessly matches those of her more seasoned co-stars.Vanity Fair
However, credit must be given to Gaga for her phenomenal performance. It’s not easy to follow in the footsteps of luminaries like Garland and Streisand, and yet Ally feels like her own character from the very beginning.Collider (B+)
Lady Gaga comes in hard with her first big-screen debut and knocks it out of the park. Each scene she is in, we are wrapped up in her performance.We Live Entertainment
The soundtrack is phenomenal. One hit after another. I’m concerned because it could unseat “The Bodyguard” as the biggest soundtrack of all time. Showbiz 411
Their chemistry is undeniable, their duets infectious.The Globe and Mail 4/5⭐️
I was not ready for the incomparable onscreen chemistry between Cooper and Gaga as Jackson Maine and Ally. The duo held my attention when the cinematic stylings and vocals were resting for their next turn at the helm of the story.Black Girl Nerds 4.5/5⭐️
And there’s just something incredibly compelling and emotional about watching Gaga’s Ally break out into song, her voice rising and booming, overwhelming everything. A Star is Born is a song you won’t mind getting stuck in your head.Slash Film 8.5/10⭐️
Running a solid 135 minutes, A STAR IS BORN is a pretty epic showbiz tale, but there’s no doubt in my mind this will be a massive crowdpleaser and one that deserves all the kudos it’s going to get.Business Insider
Yes, you’ve seen this movie before. It worked then, it works now. Maybe it’s never worked better.NOW Toronto 4/5⭐️
A Star is Born is not just the movie you hoped it would be from the dynamic trailer, it’s much better. It’s an expertly shot, phenomenal film that now puts Bradley Cooper on the “elite director” list.UPROXX
Lady Gaga’s most important project in years certainly brings her closer than ever to glory.Digital Spy 4/5⭐️
The aim is to jerk tears and, the more cynical among us might say, to win awards. But when an old saw is this well told, it proves hard to resist.Slant Magazine 3/5⭐️
There’s an unforced chemistry between Cooper and Lady Gaga that makes these characters easy to root for, and I’ll admit to a natural affinity for stories of true talent finally coming out of the shadows.Roger Ebert 4.5/5⭐️
In truth, A Star is Born is a multi-pronged star vehicle. It offers a showcase for Gaga’s many talents, as well as a marker for Cooper’s arrival as a major directorial one.Den of Geek 4/5⭐️
In truth, A Star is Born is a multi-pronged star vehicle. It offers a showcase for Gaga’s many talents, as well as a marker for Cooper’s arrival as a major directorial one.Joblo 9/10⭐️
They perfectly underscore the movie’s ultimate joy: the music. Composed by Gaga and rocker Lukas Nelson (Willie’s son), the twangs and bangs of the soundtrack — even better than the Streisand version — are what confirms the central couple’s flair.Huffington Post
It feels unlike anything else out there right now in terms of this level of studio moviemaking. It feels alive.Rolling Stone

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