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Bradley Coopers talks about his unscripted scene with Lady Gaga

Speaking with Australian News, Bradley Cooper talked about that one scene where Ally Maine is in the bathtub, and they are arguing over a song she wrote Why Did You Do That?. In the heat of the moment, Jackson calls Ally ugly, which was completely unscripted.

Lady Gaga had previously told The Independent the devastation on her face in the scene was real.

Cooper explains how the scene went down:

“I don’t think she was aware of the last thing that Jack says to her, I remember we had done two takes and I felt very good about the scene, but, like most of the days, I just felt like we have to mine everything possible, so we just did one more. Jack was a little bit darker and it was a hard scene but her reaction was so perfect.

“That wasn’t an actor trying to get something out of another actor,” he said. “That was two characters. What Jackson does to her in that moment is go to the most vulnerable place. That’s what she shared with him early on at the cop bar (that she felt ugly), so it’s to story.”

“I think because we both felt so safe together acting, it was all personal in a sense that we were completely invested in telling the story together, all was safe. It doesn’t mean that things weren’t hard but it never felt like a violation or anything like that.”

He also says that the bathroom scene was the hardest to shoot: “Just because to go to that place, that was hard.”

Well, Scene 98 just got a heck lot more emotional.

What do you think?

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