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First Look: A Star is Born poster and trailer revealed at Cinemacon

Bradley Cooper took to the stage to reveal the poster and trailer for the upcoming film.

Slated as one Warner Brothers’ major releases of the year, Bradley Cooper took the stage during the Warner Brothers Cinemacon panel to talk about the movie and reveal a poster, promotional images and a TRAILER!

Music is the most purest way you can communicate love

The camera is on stage rather than in the audience which is an approach we don’t see often. Lady Gaga insisted everyone sing live. – Bradley Cooper on ASIB

The trailer features plenty of singing by Lady Gaga, along with a duet by she and Cooper, who said at CinemaCon that she insisted on them both singing live. “She said what she can’t stand movies when it’s playback and they are lip-syncing,” he said.

Synopsis of the movie revealed by Deadline:

In the new movie, Cooper plays Jackson Maine, a country music star on the brink of decline when he discovers a talented unknown named Ally (Gaga). As the two begin a passionate love affair, Jack coaxes Ally into the spotlight, catapulting her to stardom. But as Ally’s career quickly eclipses his own, Jack finds it increasingly hard to handle his fading glory.

Deadline also reports that the trailer is a “poignant, honest trailer about songwriters and singers, and their struggles. Cooper croons country, and Gaga’s mellifluous voice kicks in three-quarters into the trailer with a big “Aaahhh”. She brings a piece of herself to the role. Cooper’s character performing in what looks like a jazz burlesque club. Talking with her character at the bar, he asks her if she writes songs. “I don’t know my songs, I don’t feel comfortable…they remember the way I sounded, not the way I looked.”

Journalists and attendees have stated that the movie is expected to be a huge contender for awards season next year. Mark Seifert from Bleeding Cool told Gaga Media that the movie is “a huge contender for awards and the reception at the event is very positive”.

Check out other comments from attendees of the event below:

Erik Davis on Twitter

Huge applause for first trailer for #AStarIsBorn, which feels like it could definitely be an awards player. Both Cooper and Gaga look great in it. First fall-movie preview I’ve seen where awards will for sure be in the conversation #CinemaCon

Jacqueline (Nowhere Else to go but UP) on Twitter

I think #BradleyCooper’s #ASTARISBORN is gonna shock y’all with how good it is. Unlike some musicals of recent memory you can tell they are actually singing. *cough* Rebecca Ferguson *cough* *#thegreatestshowman* @ladygaga fans rejoice. #CinemaCon

Brent Lang on Twitter

Lady Gaga billed by her stage name in terrific trailer to #AStarIsBorn. Early materials for film had her go by Stefani Germanotta. #CinemaCon. This movie looks fantastic.

Barry Hertz on Twitter

Cooper’s A STAR IS BORN looks, against perhaps all odds, pretty damn good (well, it will depend on your tolerance for Bradley Cooper in hats). Lady Gaga, in two minutes, seems like a movie star. This is a lock for #TIFF18 … or it *should* be. #CinemaCon

Jacob Tiranno on Twitter

The trailer of A STAR IS BORN looks really good. Looks like it’s going to offer some solid music and heavy performances. I’m in! #AStarIsBorn #WB #DC #WarnerBros #CinemaCon #CinemaCon2018

Kevin Polowy on Twitter

Damn, A Star is Born looks powerful, I cannot lie. #CinemaCon on Twitter

First trailer for A Star Is Born was shown. Sure to be a big hit for both, even if it’s a bit of a gamble. Cooper and Gaga are a hell of a draw and the chemistry looks genuine. Very curious to see how it plays again in this new iteration.

Crystal Bell on Twitter

First trailer for A Star Is Born gave me chills. Lady Gaga’s Hollywood moment is far from over. Music is phenomenal. #CinemaCon

mike avila on Twitter

I don’t make Oscar predictions based on a trailer, but the 1st trailer for A STAR IS BORN was compelling. Gaga looked/sounded great and Cooper totally has that Kris Kristofferson vibe from the 70s film. #cinemacon

Keep checking Gaga Media as we will update with all of the exclusive looks revealed tonight at CinemaCon and possibly the trailer.


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