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Gaga might do the FIFA World Cup Song

(RUMOR) RedOne makes some major hints!

Fans are going crazy as they just found out that Gaga is in the running to sing the official FIFA World Cup song in 2018.

The year has just started and we’re already in for a treat. The Daily Star reported this morning that Gaga “is keen to sing the FIFA World Cup song”.

According to the Daily Star:

RedOne – aka Nadir Khayat – spilled: “I am in the running to do the official anthem but I don’t know when that will be decided. I can’t give you a name of the song because it becomes too complicated!”

RedOne adds, “Gaga promised me that she’d do it, she’s already recorded vocals for two songs, I’m just waiting for her to give me the OK.” He adds, “to be honest, I think she owes me a couple of songs.”

Redone also hinted that Gaga is involved on his upcoming album. He also stated that he’ll be releasing a single during World Cup season and another single for BN Sports.

The singer of the World Cup song will be getting exposure to over 3 billion loyal football fans.

I don’t know about you, but this is my reaction right now:


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