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Here’s what Stefani Germanotta’s career would look like if she started out as an actress

We all know Stefani Germanotta always wanted to be an actress and we couldn’t help but wonder, what would her career look like if she did?

We here at Gaga Media sat down and daydreamed it all up.

Here’s what Stefani Germanotta’s career would look like if she was an actress.

Stefani got her start by becoming a series regular on CSI New York.

The new star first popped into the spotlight when she was featured on the front page of the wide-selling magazine TV Guide

The new star quickly became a household name among middle-aged housewives as she became known for her eccentric and unpredictable character on the show.

And…. she inevitably found herself featured on one of MTV’s hit shows:

After losing her cool on Boiling Points, she broke into the teen and young adult market. She quickly got picked up by tabloid magazines….

Turns out this was just a rumour.

The Magazines and news cycles began covering her more regularly and footage of an ad she did against sexual assault was unearthed which resulted in her getting praise from all sections of the media

As she continued in her well-known role at CSI: New York, bigger plans were in the works

And this is where things took a major turn for the young star’s career…

The movie was garnering lots of buzz and anticipation, Miss Stefani Germanotta was EVERYWHERE

You couldn’t breathe in peace without seeing her face plastered on the wall next to you….

When the movie was released, it became a major hit at the Box Office, pushing Stefani into a major studio darling. She was a hit!

All the studio execs were willing to sell their souls and children to cast Stefani in her next movie….

But, Stefani wanted to push into something new. She certainly didn’t want to continue down the traditional actress path. She was casted alongside Meryl Streep in the leading role for a hotly anticipated MUSICAL “Mamma Mia”.

In their typical fashion, the media doubted her:

But despite all the doubts, Stefani completed filming and recording for the movie.

Everyone was waiting for the first single to drop and when it did…. the world was FUCKING SHOOK

And even the media could not contain their excitement:

What followed next was history:

That May, Stefani attended high profile events like the METGala, where she posted this picture on her Twitter. It became a viral meme and garnered the most retweets EVER.

Let’s not forget to mention that Stefani attracted a pack of loyal Germsters who were a bit messy in their devotion for their Mother Germanotta

But, although they were messy, they still had a wonderful relationship with their Queen

They love her so much, they even memorized her speeches….

Nevertheless, the film later became a box office smash and Stefani became the talk of Hollywood

But the music industry was shaken too when, later that year, Grammy nominations were announced

Stefani not only collected a Pop Vocal, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Song for Visual Media nominations, she was also announced to perform at the show

A few days before her performance, she shocked the world yet again on Oprah

The studio engaged in an EXPENSIVE for your consideration campaign to get Stefani nominated

After only two major movies, the media was demanding something from the Academy: AN OSCAR FOR STEFANI.

Fans even took it to the next level by going to the Academy headquarters and campaigning for their fave:

She did manage to clutch a Best Actress and Best Original Song Nomination and she managed to beat out her idol Lady Gaga:

Stefani is already working on her next project and was seen singing a tribute to her favourite singer, songwriter and actress Lady Gaga on set

Even Gaga herself took notice:

Unfortunately, Stefani never saw this tweet because Gaga didn’t @ the right account (Stefani’s account is @stefaniofficial).

The story of Stefani Germanotta is still unfolding before our eyes. We’re not sure about you but we’re excited to see where she goes next in her career.

One thing’s for sure… she’s aiming for an EGOT

Inspired by our post “Here’s what Ally Maine’s career would look like in real life“.

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