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Here’s what we know about LG6 so far

So yes, mother is pregnant.

Lady Gaga on Twitter

Rumors I’m pregnant? Yeah, I’m pregnant with #LG6

Here’s what we know about LG6 (these are all rumors and speculations, hype yourself at your own risk):

1. Boys Noize, Bloodpop, Diplo

We know she’s been in the studio with Boyznoise since last year:



Yes, he really said that.

And then Bloodpop basically told us that he’s featured on the record:

But recently, Diplo got involved?

No Title

No Description

Bloodpop, Diplo and Boys Noize arriving to conceive Elgeesix with mom

2. Did somebody say Rihanna?

Yes, you read that right? The Avon Lady is apparently involved?

Gaga, Bloodpop, Diplo and Eli Russel Linnetz (photographer that works with Gaga) all followed Rihanna….

Don’t believe us?


I don’t know what’s going on here but I LIKE IT!

3. Eli Russel Linnetz is WILDIN

First he does this?

THEN he does this:

Yall better tell him to STOP playin’

4. She (L.Gaga) has the NERVE to be hosting listening parties? Who gave her the right?

. on Twitter

Thanks @ladygaga for inviting me to the studio to hear lady Gaga 6 !!! It’s amazing

Gabby|QueenOfPop💜 on Twitter

@CupcakKe_rapper just showed us her pictures with @ladygaga . SHOOOKKK

⊶ Nytrix ⊶ on Twitter

👾 #LG6 is wild 👾

5. V Magazine had the AUDACITY to post this on Instagram

The rah rah b*tch is really coming and we’re NOT ready

6. In conclusion, LG6 is coming and all of our wigs are not safe

What do you think?

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