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How to join our community!

Frequently Asked Questions about navigating the community

With the increasing amount of members joining our community, we have decided to make a post detailing how you can create your own content on the website, climb the ranks, earn badges and more!

If you’re in need of help, this is the ultimate guide to help you navigate the site. Have any more questions? Post a comment and we’ll reply asap!

#1 Where do I start?

To become a member of this site, click here. Simply login with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or fill in the fields if you don't have any accounts on those social media websites.

You will need to verify your account so make sure to check your email's inbox or junk folder!

#2 How do I publish my own content?

To publish your own content, click the "Add Post" button on the upper right corner on desktop or within the menu on the top left corner on mobile.

Choose which kind of post you want to make and start getting creative!

Note: Publishing content works better on desktop.

#3 How do I make a quiz?

Quizzes seem to be the most popular type of post on this website! It can be quite tricky so here is a simple how to guide.

  1. There are two types of quizzes: Personality quizzes (i.e: What Gaga album are you?) or Trivia quizzes (i.e: Test your Gaga knowledge)
  2. A featured image must be added to the post.
  3. For the Personality quizzes you will have to create personalities which will be the "result" of the quiz after someone has answered each question.
    1. Enter the title of the personality, add a picture or gif, and a description!
    2. Then head over to "Edit Questions" and get creative! Add questions and answers relevant to the quiz.
    3. You can add answers in the form of text or pictures. 
    4. For each answer, make sure to assign it to a personality. 
  4. For Trivia quizzes, enter your questions, and make sure to click the bubble for that has the correct answer.
    1. Questions can be in the form of text or pictures. 
    2. Then head over to "Edit results" where you can either generate results, or create your own!
    3. Publish your quiz!

#4 What are lists? How do I make one?

There are 3 forms of lists available on the site!

  1. Open List
    1. Create your own content in a list form, and let other users add to it.
    2. Members can vote and comment on each item in the list.
  2. Ranked List
    1. Create a list where members can vote for their favourite content (i.e: Your favourite Lady Gaga single)
    2. Members can also comment on each item.
  3. Classic List
    1. A simple list article, just like this post. Perfect for expressing your opinion on Lady Gaga topics!
    2. Users can comment on each item.

#5 How do I earn points?

Earn points to climb the ranks!

Points are earned by doing simple tasks on the website such as:

  1. Becoming a member
  2. Logging in
  3. Commenting on posts
  4. Reacting to posts
  5. Liking posts
  6. Publishing your own content (earns you the most points)

#6 How do I get badges?

Badges are earned based on the points you have and the amount of times you have interactions on the website. You must earn a certain amount of points to get these badges. Click the "Badges" link on your profile to see what the requirements are!

You can earn badges based on:

  1. Publishing content
  2. Reacting to posts
  3. Liking posts

#7 What are ranks? How do I climb the ranks?

As you've seen, every member has a rank beside their display picture. Your rank is based on the amount of points you have accumulated. There are 3 levels.

  1. Little Monster - 0 - 499 points
  2. Veteran Monster - 500 - 1999 points
  3. Legend Monster - 2000 - 9999+ points

#8 How do I customize my profile?

Your profile is unique to you!

By going to your profile you can:

  1. Add a custom display picture and change it at any time
  2. Add a custom header and change it at any time
  3. Under Profile, there is an "Edit" button, if you click this, you can enter more information such as a short and/or long description about yourself, and add your social media links!
  4. You can view your badges, activity, friends, notifications, messages, points and much more!

Want to see other members activity? Click here!

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