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Inside the most emotional scene from Gaga: Five Foot Two

As most fans know by now, Gaga: Five Foot Two is set to be a very emotional documentary with  striking moments from Lady Gaga’s career. Billboard has just released new details of an emotional scene that will be featured in the documentary which takes place in a nursing home where Lady Gaga’s grandmother is currently staying.

There’s this assumption that she’s so in control of everything because of the way she present. For someone like her to let go of some of that, in order to make something that she wouldn’t be able to do otherwise, is rare.Chris Moukarbel

The film reaches an apex during a key scene that takes place at the end of a taxing day. Gaga receives a phone call from a cancer-stricken friend, and later joins her father, Joe Germanotta, at her grandmother’s nursing home to play her grandmother the album’s title track — a tribute to her deceased daughter. Tears stream down Gaga’s face as her dad, overcome with emotion, steps out of the room during the visit.

The scene almost didn’t happen.

We were on our way to the airport. She knew that we were within 25 minutes of her grandmother’s nursing home, so she asked if we could go there. She wanted to bring her flowers, because her dad was going to be with her and she thought it would be nice. I wasn’t expecting it.Chris Moukarbel

The result is an intimate single-camera shot that moves from Gaga’s grandmother’s face to her father to Gaga, who plays the song on her cellphone.

I realized I just wanted it to be vérité, just sort of fly-on-the-wall style, because with someone like her, we’re so used to seeing her surrounded by cameras, highly conceptualized. That scene sets an example of when [the film] really works. With all the insane accomplishments she has had, it’s almost more interesting to have a look at the humanity in there. Chris Moukarbel

Billboard has also released two brand new images from the documentary that you can view below!

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