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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper cover Vanity Fair Italia

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper cover the September issue of Vanity Fair Italia!

You can read an excerpt of the interview below that we’ve attempted to translate.

Lady Gaga has a theory. She says that when a person has long been thinking of switching to another medium, different from the one he usually uses, he becomes “a Petri dish”. The Petri plate is a container used in laboratories by biologists for culture media: I had it explained to me by Lady Gaga, I had never heard of it. Anyway, Gaga says that talent is there as a bacillus, ferments and refers to become a vortex and then explodes in all its power.

(Um Queen of Biology???)

Bradley and Gaga met the first time six years ago, barely touching, behind the scenes of the Saturday Night Live television show. “She was singing, I had to do a little sketch. We exchanged a few words, “says Cooper. “I happened to see a photo of that day. I could not know that an extraordinary bond would be born between us “.

“Ours is a story of admiration and friendship,” explains Bradley. “It all started during a charity evening at Sean Parker’s home. Gaga went to the piano and sang La vie en rose, leaving me breathless. ”

In A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga is not blonde, she is not wearing makeup, she does not wear extravagant clothes. “It was a challenge for me to introduce myself like this,” she says. “I felt very vulnerable without my look, but I threw myself into it, it was a dip in the icy water. There’s a lot of me in this story and Bradley took it into account. I too, as Ally recounts in the film, when I started I went into a room full of men telling me to love my voice and the songs I was writing but that would give them to other singers because they were more beautiful than me ».
And when he realized he had made it, when he said “a star was born”? “I was traveling around America, doing small shows in the clubs, even three shows in the evening. One day, on the border with Canada, the Just Dance notes came out of the car radio and I burst into tears ».

The magazine hits newsstands on September 19th.

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