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Lady Gaga has been at the forefront of sexual assault awareness

Lady Gaga has been a vocal advocate for raising awareness and visibility for survivors of sexual assault

Lady Gaga is a survivor. There’s nothing that we can say or do that will take that away from her. She is a survivor and one that has been at the very front of the fight against sexual assault. She, like any survivor, has taken time to heal and process and has since, never held back her thoughts and activism.

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We hope that everyone recognizes that Lady Gaga has spoken up for mental health, body image, LGBTQ activism, natural disaster benefit victims and much more. We thank Gaga for issuing a statement on the R. Kelly issue and we hope that everyone can focus on Gaga’s message which is to have tough conversations about the perpetrators of sexual assault. As she said, “we have a responsibility to the young men and women of this country to stand up against sexual violence everywhere”. While it is easy to accuse and vilify victims – especially women, we must remember that this kind of narrative is what the perpetrators want.

We’ve compiled this list hoping that you can see Gaga’s lifetime work on this issue. If we’ve missed any, we encourage you to add it in by hitting “Add your submission” at the very end of this post.

#1 Lady Gaga & Diane Warren wrote a song, Till It Happens To You, for the documentary The Hunting Ground

Lady Gaga on Twitter

Til It Happens To You my original score with @Diane_Warren for "The Hunting Ground" was nominated for an OSCAR 🎹

#4 She has spoken about the effects of sexual assault countless times

She spoke about it during her interview with VOGUE, at the SAG-AFTRA Patron of the Artists Awards speech, during the actress roundtable, and during the TimesTalks panel.

#5 She has teamed up with Joe Bidden to address sexual assault support & accountability

Lady Gaga on Twitter

A message from me & my buddy Vice President @JoeBiden @ItsOnUs to stop sexual assault. Go to #ItsOnUs to help. 🇺🇸

#6 She has supported Kesha throughout her trial and afterwards

"Lady Gaga has always been prepared to testify so long as reasonable limitations were established. That has now been accomplished," Orin Snyder, her lawyer, said.

#7 She fiercely defended Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in an interview and on Twitter

“If someone is assaulted or experiences trauma, there is science and scientific proof, it’s biology, that people change. The brain changes. And literally what it does is it takes the trauma and it puts it in a box, and it files it away and shuts it so that we can survive the pain."

#9 She has tweeted out SEVERAL times about sexual assault

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