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Lady Gaga: “In addition to my Vegas shows, I’m working on a new album”


Lady Gaga was interviewed by 20 Minutes, a French outlet. In this interview, Lady Gaga officially confirms that she is working on her new album LG6 while doing her Vegas residency shows which will begin this December! Read the interview below.

What made you decide to accept “A Star Is Born”?
I took very young comedy classes as a teenager, and this is a facet of my life as an artist that I have always wanted to explore. My meeting with Bradley Cooper (editor’s note: director of the film) was decisive for this project. He came to my California home and I read the passion in his eyes. I totally trusted him by giving me his full staging.

This is the first time we see you without the makeup and costumes of Gaga …
It scared me, at first, to be natural. But Bradley had such strength in him that he pushed me to show my vulnerability to the camera. There was not a single time I was afraid of my appearance in this movie. I just wanted to be in the skin of the character.

In “A Star Is Born”, the father has a preponderant place. What about you?
I am a real daddy’s girl in the sense that I have always loved my father and that I do everything to take care of him. It also helped me play my character, Ally, who works in a restaurant all night and looks after her dad when she comes home. My father has not yet seen the final version of the film, but he will be with me at the premiere in Hollywood in late September.

What advice would you give to young Swiss artists who will read this interview?
You have to believe in yourself and not try to change yourself to please others. There are some details of my character in “A Star Is Born” that have been added to the storyline from my personal experiences. When I started, I was really advised to have my nose altered. And I refused because I am proud of my Italian origins and my appearance. An artist must know how to be loved for what he represents. And especially not to comply with the expectations of others. It’s my originality that made me Lady Gaga.

You will give a series of unpublished concerts from the end of the year in Las Vegas. What can we expect?
It was Elton John who decided because we are longtime friends and I am the godmother of his children. I saw his show in Vegas and he brought tears to my eyes with his energy and dynamism. I’ve been working on my career for ten years and this engagement in Vegas will allow me to invent something new for my fans. There will be two totally different shows to show various facets of my personality. A show will gather all my successes and the second will be more jazzy and retro.

When will Gaga return to Switzerland on stage?
Not before two years. In addition to my Vegas shows, I’m working on a new album. And I just finished the last details of the soundtrack of “A Star Is Born”. Apart from the songs of the film, it also includes several unreleased tracks that only appear a few seconds on the screen, so full of surprises. And tell your readers that I’m waiting for my Swiss fans in Vegas this winter!


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