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Lady Gaga says her next dream is being a mother, having a family, making more movies and music

While in Toronto, Lady Gaga was interviewed by the press several times and interviews continue to pour in as we wait for the release of A Star is Born. Barbaros Tapan for Hürriyet Newspaper interviewed Lady Gaga during an event, and asked some interesting questions. Lady Gaga talks about what her next dreams are, her Las Vegas residency, the LGBT community and more. Read the translated interview below!

Your first lead role in a movie. You’re at the top of your career, you don’t need to prove anything. Why did you say yes to this project?

It was my biggest dream to play in a movie since my childhood. Bradley kept the chemistry between us for the project when we met in my house in Los Angeles. He also has Italian roots; we were both born and raised on the east side. From the very first meeting we had any connection to work together.

What happened on the first meeting?

I felt so close to myself. “Are you hungry?” I asked, warming the pasta from the previous night and we started to talk. He said, “Please tell me about Midnight Special.” I found the song, I sat on my piano. I was watching Bradley with a side view, because I was nervous and excited. I started the song, and Bradley went in, you know how surprised he was. I stopped, “Oh, my God, Bradley, you have a great voice.” He believed in me, I believed him and decided to make the film.

You have sang “La Vie En Rose” several times with Tony Bennett, but how was it to sing on  set?

It was different! I should have forgotten myself and put into the soul of Ally. Ally is a girl singing and singing once a week in clubs. She is not ambitious at the beginning of the film, she is reluctant to believe in herself and she is depressed. I’m back in New York City, I’m back to the time I’m singing in clubs, like a girl who’s given up on a dream …

Your character in the film, Ally says, music producers are interested in her appearance rather than her talent. Have you ever been in such a situation?

That’s exactly the same thing that happened to me. They wanted me to have my a nose job before my first video clip. ”No, I’m proud of my Italian roots and I love my Italian nose,“ I said.

Being original, it is actually better to stay original, isn’t it?

Absolutely! I wasn’t happy with myself, but I learned to love myself. I absolutely agree with being original, when people come and say and dance like that, I have continued to do my best. In my career, I didn’t let anyone decide what I was going to be, how to be. I wasn’t the sexiest, most beautiful girl in the producers’ room, but I was writing and singing my own songs. I never wanted to be like others in my work, I never wanted to be like other singers. Everything in my career was my vision, everything had to be me and it wasn’t over … I just started showing who I was.

The first time we meet your character in the movie is when you sing in an extraordinary bar. There are interesting memories of the clubs you worked with before you became famous. Can you share one with us?

I sang in a lot of interesting places. I was doing 3 shows every night in three different places. It was a very special club, not unusual. I was at a little club in Rockwood Music Hall in New York. I was working with a singer named Lady Starlight. The name of our show was “Lady Gaga and Starlight Revue”. We both wore the same bikini, we danced and sung. I didn’t know if you’ve ever been to Rockwood Music Hall, but it’s completely glass, and it looks inside the bars. We were doing our show, the bar was full. It’s a small place. In the 15th minute of our performance, I saw that the front of the glass was full. A lot of people from outside were watching us and taking pictures. I can never forget that moment because I was nobody at the time …

What would you like to say about your imitation in gay clubs and your special place in the LGBT community?

It’s an honor for me to be imitated in gay clubs. I wouldn’t be in this position today if it wasn’t for the support and love of the gay community. It was a very special and special scene for me to be at a gay club. I told Bradley my life. He knew very well how LGBT took care of me and how they idolized me. When I read the script, the scene that touched my first heart was the gay club scene. Sometimes there’s a joke I’m doing, I can’t stop adding him “there is a gay man behind every woman icon.”

Soon your show will start in Las Vegas. Did you get advice from celebrities such as Celine Dion, Britney Spears who have been in Las Vegas for years?

I’m a close friend of Elton John, the godmother of his children. I talked to him about Las Vegas. We have two kinds of relationships with Elton, one of them very special, the other is deviated on the stage.

Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps, even the city of the largest parties. Does this scare you a little?

If I was a party girl, I wouldn’t be doing what I did today, so it’s not intimidating. All I’m thinking about Las Vegas is to make my life show. Love, acceptance, eternal quest, mystery, will be a show full of enigma … Inbox will feel all the feelings that Lady Gaga has fought. I’m going to do a great job for all my fans who want to come to Las Vegas and watch my show.

How do friends speak to you?

There are those who call Gaga, those who call Stefani … And there are those who call Steffie.

In the case of album preparations, how is an album coming?

I can’t say! For the time being, my fans have “A Star Is Born” with a soundtrack album. Full versions of songs and Bradley and I have duets …

Back to the movie, we see both sides of fame in the film. On one hand, to want to be unique to itself, on the other hand the material side of the business and marketing. What is the most important feature you need to be a real star?

Courage … Freedom of the human soul and original. Besides, understanding, compassion and love make a star.

You are one of the greatest stars in the world. Are you aware of this at any moment and in star mode?

There are some moments that I feel as far as I can, but I’m often human, just like everyone else. I’m not in this world to be a pop star. I want to be the voice of those who feel original and feel like me. What I’m saying, what I’m doing is trying to cause good things in the world.

Fame sometimes doesn’t work well for you. In the film, Jack experienced this clearly. How did you deal with the challenges of fame?

When our fame comes, all our lives are changing. We’re becoming an object of the world instead of the free girl … The truth is that people think we’ve changed. I think not everything around us and everyone is changing. How I’ve dealt with it, thanks to people who care about my feelings, who feed me psychologically …

A lot of people accused it, “That’s what you want, you wanted to be a singer, you wanted to be a star, you’re whining about it.” I want to be a singer and an actress. This is not my control. There was no other way for me.

 What did Bradley teach you on the set?

It was compelling. Bradley taught me a lot. The most important thing I learned from him was to know the script well. The spirit of the story was a good understanding of what he wanted to say. Other than that, I felt like I would never feel like when my first album was out, but I feel like I was born again before the film was released. This film is a life-changing experience that has changed my whole life.

 “It was my biggest dream to play the lead role in the movie” What’s your next dream?

I have a dream of being a mother, a family. I want to make more music, more movies. My dreams don’t end. My goal is not to move my career to the top, just to do things that I’m happy with.

You cried in the film for Grammy. I’m curious about your real experience. What did you feel when you found out you were a Grammy candidate?

When they called to tell me I was a candidate for Grammy, I sobbed and cried … It was an unforgettable honour for me.

Getting a prize eliminates doubts about your career or yourself?

No. It doesn’t treat the reward, or it doesn’t wipe out my own insecurity. Already an artist in this mistrust of the more honest, deeper things to do.

You have a great voice. Do you want to tell the opera one day?

Yeah, I like music. I like to try my voice on different things. I’m sure one day you’ll listen to me singing.

Ally was a girl who didn’t trust herself at the beginning of the film, who had lost her passion for the job. What role did ambition play in your career?

My passion and passion in me, like the fire of oxygen on it. I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t have a passion for my work. Because I’ve beens shut down, I made so many mistakes … I still did not give up. It’s nice to be ambitious, but you shouldn’t just see it as a career. I am ambitious to develop myself. I’m ambitious to make people more compassionate, more helpful. I’m ambitious to see happy kids …

In the meantime, you were so beautiful without make-up in the film …

(here comes the story AGAIN)

I like makeup, fashion, costume. The friendship and trust between us and Bradley has made me disclose myself as much as I’ve never done before. Bradley didn’t want to put make-up on the shots, so I went with a very natural make-up that I couldn’t figure out, I couldn’t fool. Bradley was waiting for me with a make-up wipe. He wiped my face, the handkerchief turned brown. “Take it off,” he said. Both felt uncomfortable and free without makeup. Bradley chose me as the lead in his first directorial debut. I wanted to give everything until the end of my blood. I left all my fears, my sorrows, my love, my happiness, my shyness to the end.


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