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Lady Gaga says she’s shapeshifting again for the next phase in her career

Lady Gaga was interviewed for The New York Times earlier this month. The interviewer visited her house in Malibu and her recently bought Frank Zappa estate to discuss A Star is Born, her career, and her future projects. Check out the photoshoot, interview and video shoot below!

Bradley Cooper on his first meeting at Lady Gaga’s Malibu home:

“She was completely illuminated by the sun,” he said. “So charismatic. I thought inside my head, Oh, gosh. If she is like this on film, if that’s the worst case scenario that she’s this present on film, the movie will work.”

On what drives her:

“I have a nerve inside of me to do this, and I have no idea where it comes from, except that it might come from God. No one knows.”

On transforming as an artist:

“I do keep transforming into a new shell of me. So sure, there is an acting component to what I do, or a showbiz component to what I do. But the word ‘acting,’ it’s hard for me to talk about in that way, because ‘acting’ to me almost implies faking it.”

On her recently purchased Frank Zappa estate:

“She told me that currently she is feverishly writing songs on a white piano upstairs; literally on the surface of the piano, with a black Sharpie) and plan her Vegas spectacular from here with her production team, like a war council plotting some dazzling siege.”

On Judy Garland:

“Judy, I just think she’s tremendous. There’s a vulnerability behind her eyes, the way she speaks, she has big features. I just always wanted to be like her. It’s as simple as that.”

On a gift Bradley gave her:

“Earlier in the afternoon, she showed me a room that was empty save for a gigantic photograph of her own face, at least 15 feet across, in a gilded frame. “It was a gift from Bradley,” she said. “It’s the last frame of the movie. Do you know the scene?”

On her next projects:

“I asked Gaga later what we can expect from her next phase. Of course, there’s Vegas and a new record on the way, and she’s reading piles of scripts. But she really didn’t want to discuss any of that. Instead, she just smiled enigmatically. “Oh,” she sighed. “I’m just shape-shifting again.””



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