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Lady Gaga talks A Star is Born, Vegas residency and more with Sunday Life Magazine

“I also want to give something back to fans.” says Gaga

Lady Gaga is the latest celebrity on the cover of The Sunday Morning magazine! The two spoke about various things from their first meeting to her Las Vegas residency. Read the full interview below!

How the two met:

“So Bradley came to my home in Malibu and I opened the door and I swear the second I saw him,we just had an instant connection,” Gaga recalls with a smile. “Before I knew it, I was heating up leftover pasta for him. We really hit it off.”

“I asked if I could go meet her, because I didn’t even know what she really looked like,” he bluntly acknowledges. “I remember she came down the stairs and looked like Lady Gaga but I’d never got to see her eyes and when we sat down, her eyes were so beautiful I knew it had to be her.”

“I quickly printed out the piano sheet music and I was sight reading, so I was very nervous,” she recounts. “But I knew the song a little bit and started to play. And as soon as he started to sing I just stopped playing and said, ‘Oh my gosh, Bradley, you have an incredible voice!’

“Then we started singing and immediately we started harmonising and laughing and looking at each other. And in that moment, I think we both really knew that it was something we could do together.”

The interviewer perspective on Lady Gaga:

She can break your heart recounting the adolescent trauma of being thrown into a rubbish bin by bullies but then intuitively steer clear of discussing her boyfriend of one year, Hollywood agent Christian Carino, realising that not everything is for public consumption. The only time I hear her laugh is when Cooper playfully pushes up against the glass wall separating them and she sticks her tongue out at him.

How Bradley and Gaga trusted each other:

“This handshake was the most crucial thing for us,” she explains as she re-enacts her solemn contract with Cooper. “We shook hands and Bradley said, ‘I, Bradley, believe and accept you, Stefani, as an actress.’ And then I said, ‘I, Stefani, believe and accept you, Bradley, as a musician.’ I think that exchange was what really held the collaboration so strongly together.”

Lady Gaga’s one condition after taking on the movie:

As we’ve known for some time, Lady Gaga insisted that all the songs had to be recorded live “I dislike it when I’m watching a movie and you can tell they’re lip-syncing,” she says.

On her encounter with Barbra Streisand:

“Barbra actually came to set and gave a beautiful speech and passed the torch to me, which was a phenomenal experience,” she reveals. “We showed her some of the film that day, too, and she was so kind and wonderful.”

Recalling her burlesque show with Lady Starlight:

“We wore matching bikinis and we did this song and dance for the 30 people who fitted inside the bar,” she says. “But about 15 minutes in, I looked up and saw that there were around 100 people on the street taking pictures. I’ll never forget that feeling, knowing our voices were being heard.”

On loving herself and not changing for others:

“This absolutely happened to me,” she says. “It was suggested I get a nose job before my first single came out, and I said no because I love my Italian nose.

“I didn’t always,” she adds, “but I learnt to love who I was and I worked hard to maintain my authenticity. If someone wanted me to look like a sexpot, I wanted to look the opposite, so I was always trying to challenge the norms about women in pop music.”

“This role and transformation asked me to call upon things that happened much earlier in my life when I felt very self-conscious and didn’t feel beautiful,” she says of dying her hair brown and wearing no make-up for the duration of the shoot. “Staying in that vulnerable state for so long was difficult but also liberating.”

On her Las Vegas residency:

“I’ve worked for 10 years now in this business and I am excited to reinvent what it means to be in Las Vegas at this age,” she teases. “I also want to give something back to fans.”

What she wishes she could tell her younger self:

“What I would say to the little me – or to all the kids who felt that way – is this: ‘Hold on to one spark of light in your heart, hold on to it for dear life and just watch it grow.’ It’s like a garden. Maybe there is only one rose, but if you focus on that one rose, eventually it will bloom into a field of flowers.”


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