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Lady Gaga talks Blackpink, Chromatica and Pop Music with TV Groove

Lady Gaga was interviewed by TV Groove where she spoke about her collaboration with Blackpink and Ariana Grande. She also mentions that she wants to bring the Chromatica Ball to Japan and discusses some tracks from her upcoming album. Read below!

Please note: this interview has been translated.

A lot has happened in your life, America and the world over the last few years, and with that in mind, when you embarked on Chromatica, where did you find yourself in an emotional sense? 

“When I started working on Chromatica, I was in a very dark place. It was so bad. It wasn’t necessarily because of the world situation or the political situation in America. So I was working every day, but it was thanks to the compassion of my friends that I work with, saying, “Come, let’s compose together, you can do it.” I was able to make this album slowly, because they really believed in me. And what healed me was that when I listened back after making the song, my singing voice sounded happy. The lyrics are a poem about my life, which was difficult to sing, but at the same time I was thinking about this world and how I could make people happy. I believe that is my mission. I believe I should be here to make people happy. ”

You moved away from pop music with your 2013 album “ARTPOP”, and since then you have a completed duet album with Tony Bennett “Cheek to Cheek”, “Joanne”, and the movie “A Star is Born”.  You made more organic and rooted music with the three soundtracks from the movie. Why did you decide to do pop after a long time?

“I brought myself back to pop. I just wrote songs like this. I’ve created and wrote things that I haven’t felt in my heart and mind. That’s what I wanted to make, and I was surprised it came out when I was in so much pain, and I wrote a song that I could dance through in pain. Every time I compose and produce, and listen to many of the songs I made, I thought, “Oh my voice sounds happy, I’m still happy in me. There must be something left. ” When it grew bigger and I finally felt that the album was finished, I named it “Chromatica”. That’s where I am right now. I’m in a happy place, I’m so thankful to the people around me, deeply grateful for my life, my creativity and my voice in this world. And now I’m focused on spreading compassion to the world. ”

You’ve talked about a little bit now, but what is the theme of “Chromatica” and the message you want to convey through this album? Please tell us why the title is “Chromatica”.

“The album title” Chromatica “(color, chromatic scale) is inspired by the fact that every person is different, first and foremost in color. Simply because of race and religion. Not only are people different in terms of individuality, gender identity, and sexuality; we are very colorful in various ways, but there is also a musical meaning in an octave. There’s a chromatic scale, which means that the sounds go up in semitone steps, so the sounds in the music are so close to each other that I’m so colorful. I thought it would be interesting to think of it as a very close relationship, that is, we are very different from each other, but very close in many ways, and there are many conflicts with the world. I wondered when there was a lot of negative things, hatred, war, or illness, how we could heal one another and how we could survive. I believe that compassion frees us, and that compassion never fails. ”

This time you co-wrote the song “Rain on Me” with Ariana Grande. How did that happen? How did you collaborate with Ariana and what the music video looks like?

“I love Ariana. But Ariana and I really united. Discussing our experiences in life with each other. We both experienced a lot of difficulties, I respect her experiences and her strength, and she respects my strength too. The lyrics that we sing “I want to be dry if I can” and “I want to keep crying”. “But at least I’m alive, let it rain on me.” So it may seem like weeping is weak, but all the tears I shed make me really strong. And then, “I can stand in the rain now,” that is, in my tears, and I feel powerful and empowered. I really want to use my voice in this world to help others. And your tears don’t make you weak, but rather make you stronger, I want to let you know. Like the weather. Like rain. Sometimes it’s a storm. ”

This time, you also co-wrote a song called “Sour Candy” with BLACKPINK. What was the history of this as well? How did you collaborate with them and what the music video looks like?

“When I called them out and asked if they wanted to write a song with me, they were very happy and motivated. It was a really exciting collaboration. I wanted to celebrate them because they love powerful women like us, and they also wanted to celebrate me, and we had a great time together with this song. I was excited to hear them interpret the song in Korean and told them that the part was so creative and fun. I’m a woman, really talented and proud to be the fifth member of BLACKPINCK (on this song). ”

Despite the fibromyalgia disease, “Stupid Love” performed such a hard-core dance, did you have any conflict or distress?

“At the shooting site? Yeah. I was in a lot of pain. But I felt like that and danced. I also had the best dancers around me to support and support me. My friends were there, the director was great, and honestly, I basically accepted that I had a chronic pain illness. It’s not easy, but I can still lock, I can dance, I can show performances, some people can’t do that, so my gratitude is so strong. If you recognize what’s good for me and appreciate it, it’s difficult It helps me to stand up. I am really impressed by my Japanese fans. The Japanese fans are very strong, grateful and enjoy life in a very unique and beautiful way. Every time they meet, they make me very happy, so I’m looking forward to meeting Japanese fans. ”

In the music video for “Stupid Love,” you’re wearing a pink outfit, but in Japan, it’s similar to “Sailor Moon-like” (especially Sailor Chibi Moon). What do you think about this? This is it (show the picture).

“Isn’t this child Sailor Moon’s sister?”

Yes, this is Sailor Mini Moon (Sailor Chibi Moon).

“Sailor Mini Moon. I was inspired by anime when we made this video. Now I’m inspired by anime. Because the producer Blood Pop, he gave me an anime toy when I was sad in the studio, and he tried to cheer me up, so to celebrate what my friends did to make me kind I thought it would be awesome if I could make this artistic expression with music, he brought a figure of Bayonetta to the studio, a stuffed stuffed toy (Korilakkuma) and various gifts for me. It made me realize I was loved and that was reflected in this video, so I celebrated one side of Japanese and Asian culture. My fans and the world I want the people inside to know that I did it in a special way with the utmost respect, because it really made me smile. ”

Your last visit to Japan was in the promotion of “Joanne” in October 2016. Is there anything you would like to return to Japan after a long time? Where do you want to go in Japan?

“I want to perform, I want to go to a Japanese stadium. I want to bring my new tour, “Chromatica Ball” to Japan. Then I just want to walk around. As I said, I was really happy to get a nice Japanese gift from my friend while making this album, I love Japanese culture, I love Japanese fans and Japan. I want to go to Japan anyway, I’m glad I’m in Japan, maybe I’m more sober in Japan than everyone imagines, I’m happy just being in Japan that’s why ”

“Free Woman” is a wonderful song that empowers people. Compared to about 10 years ago when you made your debut, I think that the world has become more positive about the active expression of women. You seem to have been at the forefront of the movement since your debut, but what do you think about the changes in the world?

“Thank you so much for saying that. It’s so kind. I’ve always been trying to be a role model for people. I didn’t want to obey the stereotype of behaviour, I always say that what matters to any human being is our heart and intelligence (the mind) and what we should offer the world. I was wondering about the changes in the world, when I was younger in the industry than when I was seen as something by men I worked with, like wearing sexy clothes. It was very difficult to work in the same room as people who say sexual things, whether it’s hairstyles, etc. I’m constantly forced to make money by people who use me to make money. As a woman, I was uncomfortable. The difference between that time and now is that standing up for myself was not a trend at that time and was not socially accepted. When that happened, I said, “You look at me as an object. At work, you look at me sexually. I’m sexy in the way I want to do when I want to. I’m free. I’m a woman, that’s my right. ” And I think it applies to all sexes, not just women, and gender identity. What changed is that when I say it, it’s no longer shocking. In the old days, when I said, “I don’t want to do that,” I was opposed, irritated, and abused in a discriminatory way. Because I came out strongly. I don’t think it’s good to say that women who stand up for themselves are not good people. Stand up for yourself.

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