Lady Gaga Volunteers at Red Cross Shelter

Malibu has been tragically affected by wildfires, forcing Lady Gaga to evacuate from her home. The singer has relocated to Los Angeles for the time being, and during the weekend she spent some time at the Red Cross Shelter in LA, keeping residents company.

Daily Mail has confirmed that Lady Gaga’s mansion remains unscathed from the fire.

TMZ reported that she spent about 90 minutes at the shelter, where she took photos, distributed gift cards, and sang to a 98-year-old woman who was evacuated. They also published a video that you can watch below.

The oldest evacuee we had in the Red Cross Palisades shelter yesterday was a 98-year-old lady. She had spent the day in bed, in and out of naps, mostly expressionless and not wanting to interact with any strangers. Her caregiver told me she didn’t want to be in the shelter, she just wanted to go home….

The sweetest moments of Lady Gaga’s visit were those she spent with this elderly lady.

As soon as Lady Gaga saw her in the corner, she went kneeling by her cot (until the caregiver pulled up a chair), talking and singing to her, touching her, wiping her face, serving her juice… I couldn’t tell what was said, but I could see the elderly lady’s face lit up, her eyes became focused, and the two of them carried on an intimate interaction for over half an hour…. After Lady Gaga had talked to every single evacuee and finished the speech shown in the TMZ post, she went over to talk to the elderly lady again. Instead of saying goodbye, Lady Gaga went to the buffet table and gathered a plate of food. She went back to the cot and started feeding her. They spent another 15-20 minutes together before Lady Gaga finally got up to leave. Lady Gaga was so tender and loving, it brought tears to many of our eyes. She’s an angel.

Lady Gaga then visited the shelter once again on November 13th, World Kindness Day. She shared her visit through Instagram Stories explaining she bought pizza, gift cards and coffee for those at the shelter.

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