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September 6: CEO of UMG France, Olivier Nusse, confirms the album will be released in early 2020

Submitted to: A timeline building up to #LG6 [Complete]

Julien Gonçalves on Twitter

Nouvel album de Lady Gaga prévu pour début 2020 selon Olivier Nusse à l'Open Session d'Universal Music France. https://t.co/K9XYK42TQM

A Universal Music France Open Session took place where the CEO confirmed future releases which included Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album, slated to be released in […] More

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February 10: Gina Zimmitti Music Contracting reveals #LG6 will be released in early 2020

Submitted to: A timeline building up to #LG6 [Complete]

Gaga Media 🎼 on Twitter

Gina Zimmitti Music Contracting Via Instagram: "🙂🙂 smiles all around! @whiteseamusic wrote & @amiedots orchestrated some beautiful string and brass arrangements for @ladygaga highly anticipated album! #LG6 is set for an early 2020 release. We love these talented ladies!! 🤩

Gina Zimmitti is a music project coordinator and music contractor hiring L.A.’s finest musicians for film & television scores, records, performances and more. Shortly after fans […] More

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