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Meryl Streep praises A Star is Born as “so breezily shot, so self-assured”

Last night, Stephen Colbert and Meryl Streep attended the annual Montclair Film fundraiser for a two-hour-long conversation. While discussing her early career, Meryl Streep said that she never dreamed of being a movie star because “my nose was too big.” That led to a conversation about “A Star is Born.

You could’ve played that part!” declared Colbert, referencing Lady Gaga’s role in the film.

Oh honey, no. No way…nobody but Gaga!” said Streep.

“It’s so breezily shot, so self-assured. It’s not actor shot. [Some] actors who direct give the actors too much air. They don’t cut as brutally as you need to in order to move the story. To them, the character is more interesting than the forward movement of the narrative. But Bradley kept it moving. [It’s] brilliant.”

Meryl Streep has made some academy winning points!

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