Gaga: The Battle of Creative Spirits (2/4)

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ACT1: Romance

1. Dance in The Dark
2. Bad Romance
3. Poker Face/Telephone mashup

ACT2: Compromise

5. Yoü and I
6. I Can’t Give You Anything but Love
7. Do What U Want

ACT3: Betrayal and Ignorance

8. Paparazzi
9. Angel Down
10. LoveGame
11. Black Jesus Amen Fashion
12. Just Dance

ACT4: Acceptance

13. The Edge of Glory/Hair acoustic
14. Sinner’s Prayer
15. Marry The Night
16. Born This Way

ACT5: Rebel Phase

17. Perfect Illusion
18. Venus
19. Scheiße
20. Swine

ACT6: The Show Must Go On

21. Monster
22. So Happy I Could Die
23. Million Reasons
24. Applause (encore)

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Little Monster

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