How do I make a quiz? (3/8)

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Quizzes seem to be the most popular type of post on this website! It can be quite tricky so here is a simple how to guide.

  1. There are two types of quizzes: Personality quizzes (i.e: What Gaga album are you?) or Trivia quizzes (i.e: Test your Gaga knowledge)
  2. A featured image must be added to the post.
  3. For the Personality quizzes you will have to create personalities which will be the “result” of the quiz after someone has answered each question.
    1. Enter the title of the personality, add a picture or gif, and a description!
    2. Then head over to “Edit Questions” and get creative! Add questions and answers relevant to the quiz.
    3. You can add answers in the form of text or pictures. 
    4. For each answer, make sure to assign it to a personality. 
  4. For Trivia quizzes, enter your questions, and make sure to click the bubble for that has the correct answer.
    1. Questions can be in the form of text or pictures. 
    2. Then head over to “Edit results” where you can either generate results, or create your own!
    3. Publish your quiz!

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