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Lady Gaga Awards 2018 – Vote now!

Welcome to the 2018 Lady Gaga Awards! The year is coming to an end and it’s time to celebrate the successful year Lady Gaga has had!

Nominations for each category can be found below, vote for your favourite moment in each. Votes will be counted on December 14th and we will announce the winners then! You have 10 days to get you and your friends to vote!

  • Question of

    Best moment of 2018?

    • Enigma tour dates
    • A Star is Born (soundtrack)
    • A Star is Born (movie)
    • New music (I Want Your Love, DLMBM, Your Song)
  • Question of

    Most shocking moment of 2018?

    • Shallow’s success
    • Critics raving about A Star is Born
    • Lady Gaga announcing her engagement
    • Finding out Lady Gaga is a gamer
    • Lady Gaga leaving her chickens behind during the Malibu fires
  • Question of

    Best premiere look?

    • Toronto
    • Los Angeles
    • Venice
    • London
  • Question of

    Best music video?

    • Shallow
    • Look What I Found
    • I’ll Never Love Again
    • Always Remember Us This Way
  • Question of

    Best meme of 2018?

    • 100 people in a room memes
    • ALLY memes
    • Just wanted to take another look at you memes
  • Question of

    Most stressful moment of 2018?

    • Getting Enigma tickets without the passcode
    • Waiting on the Billboard numbers for the BB200
    • Lady Gaga cancelling remaining dates of the Joanne World Tour
    • Waiting for Lady Gaga’s automated Instagram posts and thinking something would be announced
  • Question of

    Best photoshoot of 2018?

    • The Hollywood Reporter
    • Eli Russell Linnetz
    • ELLE
    • Inez and Vinoodh
  • Question of

    Best Haus Editorial set of 2018?

    • #1
    • #2
    • #3
    • #4
  • Question of

    Best Artist of 2018?

    • Ally Maine
    • Lady Gaga
  • Question of

    Most iconic repeated story of 2018 press tour?

    • 100 people in a room story
    • “Oh my god Bradley, you can sing!!”
    • Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s pasta story
    • “He trusted me as an actress and I trusted him as a director”
  • Question of

    Most extra moment of 2018?

    • Her arrival in Venice
    • Doing a whole photoshoot for no reason
    • Wearing 4 outfits in 1 night at TIFF
  • Question of

    Most “I’m Devastated” moment of 2018?

    • Joanne World Tour DVD being non existent
    • Joanne World Tour cancellation
    • Lady Gaga losing at the Grammy Awards
  • Question of

    Proudest moment as a fan in 2018?

    • Lady Gaga becoming a critically acclaimed actress
    • Lady Gaga reaching a new level of peak in her career exactly a decade in the business
    • Lady Gaga sweeping critic awards left and right
    • Celebrating a decade of Lady Gaga

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