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Welcome to Little Monster High Stan School

… a fictional school created by us. In this school, you make all the decisions from your teacher, your routine, your classes and your friends. What will you choose?

  • Question of

    Before school starts, you:

    • Go to Starbucks with your best friend
    • Go to Starbucks alone
    • Go to Starbucks in your pjs and bed hair
  • Question of

    Alright you get to school, who’s your Principal?

    • Mrs. Countess
    • Mr. Joe Calderone
  • Question of

    Time for your first class, what are you taking?

    • Jazz History with Mr. Tony Bennett
    • Finger Painting 101 with Ms. Gaga
    • Cooking with Ms. Gaga
  • Question of

    You plan on becoming a musician, what music class is your first choice?

    • Piano Lessons with Ms. Gaga
    • Artist Management with Bobby Campbell
    • Dance with Ms. Gibson
  • Question of

    You’re free to take an elective in your schedule. What do you pick?

    • Acts of Kindness 101 with Ms. Gaga (and occasionally Mrs. Germanotta)
    • Intro to Computers with Ms. Karen
    • Level 000 Cake Decorating with L. Gaga and 2 assistants
    • Witchcraft
  • Question of

    It’s lunch time! How do you spend it?

    • Sharing is caring, so you bring a platter of food and share it with your friends
    • Your partner takes you out on a lunch date
    • You spend lunch alone
    • I eat paper for lunch because that’s all I can afford
  • Question of

    Since this is Stan school, you need to learn how to properly fight your own battles. How will you learn?

    • Interview Prep 101
    • Intro to Twitter Stan interactions
    • Professor Gaga teaches you the resting bitch face
  • Question of

    It’s your last class of the day. What are you taking?

    • Make-Up Artistry with Sarah Tanno
    • Modelling with L. Gaga
    • Public Speaking with Ms. Gaga
    • Intro to Chemistry with Ms. Germanotta
  • Question of

    Because you’re such a good student, pick an after school class

    • Driver’s ED with Ms. Gaga (we can’t guarantee you’ll pass)
    • Performance art with Marina Abromović
    • Yoga with Stefani Germanotta
  • Question of

    You love to take initiative and help others out. Once a week you participate in this after school activity:

    • You visit the elementary school next door and help children with their homework
    • You go shopping with Ms. Gaga and donate clothes to charity centres
    • You spend time at LGBT youth centres
    • You volunteer at the BTWF for a few hours

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