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Are you more like Ally Maine or Lady Gaga?

Singing. Dancing. Acting. Is there anything Lady Gaga can’t do? Ally Maine may kick her dancers out, but she’s certainly got moves. We’ve constantly been hearing from Lady Gaga that she’s nothing like her character in the movie.

So who are you more like? Mrs Ally Maine or L. Gaga?

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    Someone makes fun of you, what do you do?

    • Punch them in the face and almost break your hand doing so.
    • Talk to them about the important of being kind.
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    If there’s 100 people in one room, how many do you need to believe in you?

    • Just one
    • 99 of them
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    Are you willing to change for others?

    • I am unique and if people don’t like who I am, they can exit on the left
    • Will I be successful if I do?
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    Do you give up easily?

    • Give up? I don’t even try
    • I am willing to pretend to be my own manager & clutch onto my work until someone believes in me
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    Are you insecure?

    • hell naw
    • all the damn time
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    How do you feel about makeup?

    • I own everything from Sephora
    • I’m a natural kind of gal
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    How would you describe yourself?

    • A fierce firecracker that doesn’t take shit from nobody, but also an outcast
    • A kind-loving human being
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    If someone tells you what you have to do, do you listen?

    • I completely ignore what they say and do something even crazier. Nobody tells me what to do.
    • Yes, I’m a pushover

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