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Would you attend the Grammy’s with Lady Gaga?

It’s everyone’s dream to be best friends with the one and only Queen.

This is the fifth post in our week of GRAMMYS. We will be posting new lists, quizzes and Grammys throwbacks every single day leading up to the Grammys. View all the Grammys 2018 content here.

Countdown to the Grammy’s:

Do you have what it takes to attend the Grammy’s with Gaga?

  • Question of

    Lady Gaga wins a Grammy, what does she say in her speech?

    • For God and the gays!
    • It’s important to honour your vomit
    • You will never have a pop singer that loves you as much as I do
  • Question of

    Lady Gaga asks you what she should wear to the Grammy’s, you say

    • An avant-garde outfit, because you truly know what the fans want
    • She can wear whatever she wants because YAS GAGA
    • A custom Brandon Maxwell outfit
  • Question of

    When walking the red carpet, Lady Gaga should always arrive

    • Last because Latey Gaga
    • First because no one else is important
    • After an hour so she can build up the HYPE
  • Question of

    Lady Gaga is having a fashion emergency, you

    • Start screaming FASHION EMERGENCY 911 down the street
    • Tell her “You didn’t fail fashion, fashion failed you”
    • Tell her it can’t be worse than the time she wore a table cloth over herself
  • Question of

    Someone disses Lady Gaga’s outfit on the red carpet, you

    • say “uh oh guys the art police is here”
    • say “why don’t you go tell yourself a bedtime story”
    • tell them the spirit of Joanne will be haunting them
  • Question of

    Lady Gaga asks you what she should perform at the Grammy’s. What do you suggest?

    • She starts asking the crowd if they know who Joanne is, and then belts into the song with Mark Ronson by her side.
    • A DIC/John Wayne/Perfect Illusion medley so she can leave everyone bald
  • Question of

    How is the crowd reaction to Lady Gaga’s arrival?

    • Yes
    • No
    • aa
  • Question of

    What is your ritual before watching the Grammy’s?

    • Light your Alejandro candles
    • Swear to Lucifer
    • Recite Bloody Mary in front of the mirror
  • Question of

    Who do you want Lady Gaga to be interviewed by on the red carpet?

    • Queen of glitter, Mrs Hadnet
    • How do I explain it? The lady from BBC News
    • Angela Chang

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