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Broken Promises: How much do you know?

Our queen has promised us many things throughout the years that have never seen he light of the day. How many do YOU remember?

(Try not to cry reminiscing all these “what could have been” moments)

  • Question of

    Someone close to Lady Gaga was going to have a clothing line, who was it?

    • Asia
    • Taylor Kinney
    • Lady Starlight
    • Cynthia Germanotta
  • Question of

    The original TEOG music video never happened because

    • Joseph Khan quit because he couldn’t handle Lady Gaga’s legendary status
    • Creative differences
    • Joseph Khan works with the enemies
    • Gaga no longer wanted to be a fish
  • Question of

    According to Gaga, the ARTPOP app

    • is going to end all careers
    • is PetGa telling you how much of a stan you are
    • brings ARTculture into POP in a reverse Warholian expedition.
    • is easy to use. You don’t need to understand a banana to eat a pineapple.
  • Question of

    Which era had the most broken promises?

    • ARTPOP
    • Born This Way
    • Joanne
  • Question of

    ARTPOP: Act II was going to be

    • An album filled with Tony Bennett duets
    • Experimental BOPS
    • Jewels and Drug’s little sister
    • A satanic ritual
  • Question of

    Which album was supposed to have a music video for each song?

    • ARTPOP
    • Born This Way
    • Joanne
  • Question of

    For Joanne, Lady Gaga worked on

    • cutting all her shirts into crop tops
    • 8 songs with Red One
    • plotting her crash into Mark Ronson’s car
    • getting the entire fanbase to call her “Joanne”
  • Question of

    During the Joanne era, Lady Gaga was supposed to reschedule

    • the dive bar show that she plays like a stadium show
    • her Epione appointment
    • The Million Reasons music video
  • Question of

    Lady Gaga said “I’d rather die than ____”

    • to have my fans see me without heels
    • have my fans see me wearing shorts and crop tops
    • have my fans see me wearing Uggs
    • live in California
  • Question of

    What features of the ARTPOP App were never unlocked?

    • DJ Hero and StalkerGa
    • Trackstar and GagaTV
    • Fans can choose which cowboy hat Gaga will wear

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