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Can you make it through this quiz without being triggered?

Hello, we’re here to completely ruin your day.

Try making it through this quiz without being absolutely triggered at the end. We dare you.

This will be you at the end realising you hate life:

  • Question of

    Pick one that triggers you the most

    • Lady GaGa
    • ArtPop
  • Question of

    It’s 2012 and your friend tells you, “omg Gaga was so cool in that egg on the red carpet”. You

    • Look at him with murderous intents
    • Calmly tell him “Its. A. VESSEL!”
  • Question of

    How do you feel when you see the words “Im devastated”

    • I live everywhere except Brazil thank u
    • asdfgjogrklmwkrgjiero
  • Question of

    Which is your favorite thing Gaga has done?

    • Fame Kills Tour with Kanye West
    • Born This Way Ball DVD
    • Visual album for ARTPOP
    • WTF she hasn’t done ANY of these
  • Question of

    What will you do to your stan card if Gaga announces she’s quitting pop music and becoming a full time songwriter for Ed Sheeran

    • BURN
    • I will be renewing my stan card thank u
  • Question of

    • DELETE
    • What is a Taylor? I only know a Christian
  • Question of

    Im just gonna post this pic of Gaga in the studio with RedOne making LG5

    • Joanne remains unbothered
  • Question of

    Here’s Sam Smith accepting the Oscar for Best Original Song. ENJOY

    • Im good
    • I hate this fad site
  • Question of

    Last but not least, how much did you hate this quiz?

    • Im brave

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