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Can you be Lady Gaga’s assistant for the day without getting fired?

This game was inspired by the viral Twitter game created by this user.

You’re called into work, and yes you heard right, Lady Gaga’s current assistant caught the Gaga plague and had to call in sick so you’ll be taking over for the day. Can you make it through 24 hours without getting fired?

  • Question of

    *ring ring* its your first day on the job. Lady Gaga attended an award show last night and it’s time to get her breakfast. What are you getting?

    • Cheerios
    • Fruity Pebbles
  • Question of

    You’re asked to go through some of Gaga’s latest emails and spot a confidential one about her upcoming album. You:

    • Take a quick glimpse so you can get the tea on the next album
    • Close that computer faster than you can say Ferrari before you get CAUGHT
  • Question of

    It’s that time of the day for Lady Gaga to go on Twitter and interact with some fans. She finds out that “I Wanna Be With You” has leaked and everyone is talking about it. You suggest she:

    • sends an angry tweet
    • tweets a very sarcastic message
  • Question of

    Your girl is thirsty. You run to the nearest Whole Foods, which brand do you get?

    • Icelandic
    • Essentia
    • Ignore her request and surprise her with some Starbucks
  • Question of

    Lady Gaga wants to make an extravagant commercial for Haus Labs and she wants to premiere it in Times Square. You consult Bobby and figure out who to hire to direct it. Who is it?

    • Steven Klein
    • Jonas Åkerlund
    • Ruth Hogben & Andrea Gelardin
    • Francis Lawrence
  • Question of

    Lady Gaga is feeling lonely and missing her pets, which one will be she FaceTiming?

    • Her horses
    • Her chickens
    • Her dogs
  • Question of

    Lady Gaga has a meeting with Interscope, but you’re stuck in traffic and she still needs to get her makeup done. What do you do?

    • Tell her to go ASIB style, and go natural!
    • Order Sarah Tanno to do her makeup in the car
  • Question of

    Lady Gaga arrives to the Interscope building. She’s already late and fans are waiting outside to get a glimpse of their idol. What do you suggest Lady Gaga does?

    • Tell her she’s already late, so might as well meet some fans!
    • Tell her to take the back door before she gets in trouble by her boss
  • Question of

    Lady Gaga goes out for a cigarette break. You spot her outside the building and you can hear her gossiping about celebrities. You:

    • Tell her to stop that nonsense and that other people could hear her
    • Join her and ask her “What’s the tea today?”
  • Question of

    She’s exhausted from the 4 hour meeting. What do you suggest Lady Gaga does to relax?

    • Meditate
    • Go for a swim
  • Question of

    After relaxing, Lady Gaga is hungry, what are her dinner plans?

    • Order everything off the room service menu
    • You call up her best friend/chef Bo to come cook for her
  • Question of

    Your shift is coming to an end. Before you leave, you:

    • Go make Lady Gaga a cup of tea.
    • Go to her closet and take a selfie with all her clothes to show your followers who you WORKED for today
    • Tell her that you’ve been lurking on Twitter and fans are going absolutely insane without new music
    • Remind her its time to renew her Illuminati contract

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