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Can you make it through your stay at Hotel Cortez?

DING DING! The day has come, you’ll be staying at the famous Hotel Cortez

You enter the hotel, and you’re greeted by its enigmatic matron, THE COUNTESS.

  • Question of

    The Countess shows you which rooms are available and tells you to pick a key. Which do you pick?

    • 62
    • 64
    • 86
    • 47
  • Question of

    Before you head to your room, The Countess tells you this. So, are you blessed or cursed?

    • Cursed
    • Blessed
  • Question of

    Iris shows you to your room and tells you that Hotel Cortez does not offer wifi. You:

    • Think to yourself: “Why are people still staying here when it offers no wifi!?”
    • Debate if you should shimmy down those stairs and exit the premises
    • Suck it up and endure your stay since the hotel doesn’t offer refunds
  • Question of

    It’s your first night at the hotel, what will you be doing?

    • Yes
    • No
    • suds
  • Question of

    The Countess has made her way to your room. You wake up in the middle of the night and this is what you see. How do you react?

    • Yes
    • No
    • sc
    • czc
  • Question of

    There are so many guests a Hotel Cortez and you want to befriend one of them. Who do you choose?

    • Liz Taylor
    • Sally
    • Donovan
    • Ramona
  • Question of

    UMMM is that a ghost you just saw?

    • absolutely, you pull out those Alejandro candles and start a prayer circle
    • I don’t know her
  • Question of

    You’ve been hearing whispers around the hotel about Room 33. The Countess doesn’t seem to be around, do you try to get into the room to investigate?

    • I am willing to risk it ALL
    • HELL NO
  • Question of

    You’re walking down the hallway to get back to your room, and you come across these 3 children with no parents in sight. You:

    • Go down to the lobby and report to Iris that there are children roaming around the hotel alone
    • You mind your own business. Everyone knows you don’t follow creepy children
    • You sigh and tell yourself “This is what happens when you don’t vaccinate your children”
    • You finally understand why vampire children were killed in Twilight
  • Question of

    Your stay has come to an end. How do you feel about The Countess and your stay?

    • tell em how you really feel
    • This stay just reminded you to always check yelp reviews before booking a hotel

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