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Can you steal the hard drive containing Chromatica without getting caught?

You have once chance, can you make it?

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    How are you dressing up for this robbery?

    • Like a true robber but make it fashionable
    • You grab the first thing in your closet and hope it works out
    • Disguising yourself as a chicken nugget
    • Disguising yourself as a Christmas tree
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    You’ve reached the location. How are you entering the house?

    • Front entrance
    • Back entrance
    • Side entrance
    • You look around to see if there’s a spare key somewhere
  • Question of

    You’re officially inside the house. Which way do you go first?

    • Forward
    • Left
    • Right
    • This is too risky, you leave.
  • Question of

    Where do you think the hard drive is being kept?

    • In a safe in the basement
    • In Gaga’s office
    • In a secret bunker in the basement
  • Question of

    Ugh oh. Asia has spotted you and gives you a shady look. Looks like she might bark and expose your whereabouts. What do you do?

    • Run away as fast as you can
    • Give her a dog toy and hope it keeps her entertained
    • Slowly walk away
    • Give her a treat
    • Take her with you. You’re already committing a felony so what’s another?
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    You’ve reached the location and the hard drive is in the safe. What’s the passcode?

    • 1234
    • 666
    • 7451
    • 1989

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